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RDV2017: Tall Ships Regatta a towering success

Photo: Luc Lang
As the expression goes, Quebec City “était au rendez-vous.”

Huge Foulon reservoir to improve river water

Photo: Peter Black

Construction is on pace for a huge reservoir on Promenade Champlain next to the Yacht Club de Quebec, and that’s good news for those longing to eventually swim in the St. Lawrence River in that vicinity.

The $22 million Foulon retention reservoir is being built by Charles-Auguste Fortier construction company, the lowest of nine bidders on the contract awarded in October, 2016.

Can’t get enough of the eastern white cedar

peter head shot USEa.jpg

Cedar is so Canadian: useful, resistant to bugs and rot, can survive in unlikely and harsh places, and is sweet-smelling. You can make anything with it, from canoes to cabinets to coffins.

Summer movie time at Baie de Beauport

Due to its popularity and incredible success last year, the Ciné-plage Illico is back at Baie de Beauport for new movie screenings over the next few weeks. Only minutes from downtown, residents of Quebec City can watch movies outdoors and under the stars on Friday evenings.

Memorials and Things of Fame

The Morning Chronicle
Quebec was visited by the severest storm of the season. A thundershower of considerable force had taken place in the night, succeeded by a morning of intense heat which continued up to one o’clock p.m.

Story of Avenue Jules-Verne

jules street1.jpg
Photo: Bill Cox
This busy commercial street is named after Jules Verne (1828-1905), a prolific French author whose writings laid much of the foundation of modern science fiction. Verne’s father, intending that Jules follow in his footsteps as an attorney, sent him to Paris to study law. While continuing his law studies, he fed his passion for the theatre, writing numerous plays.

American crews spread goodwill during regatta

Photo: Shirley Nadeau

The stars of the RDV2017 Tall Ship Regatta were the magnificent sailing vessels themselves, but a big component of the exceptional gathering was the opportunity for ships’ crews to visit the city.

Rendez-vous 2017 parade draws huge crowd

Photo: Peter Black

parade_air_force.jpg A band of Royal Canadian Air Force, Navy and Army cadets marched through the streets of Old Quebec along with the visiting sailors. The band of the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve also marched in the parade. Photo Peter Black  

The Trudeau family at Rendez-vous 2017: Tall Ships Regatta



Prime Minister Justin Trudeau launches RDV2017 in Quebec City, with the mast of Bluenose II in the background. As a 12-year-old, he visited the big 1984 tall ships gathering in the city with his father, former prime minister Pierre Trudeau.


Enjoying sunrise on the St. Lawrence River

Photo: Luc Lang

For a marine communications and traffic services officer at the Canadian Coast Guard base in Quebec City, the beauty of working the night shift in the summer is enjoying the magnificent sunrises over Île d’Orléans and Lévis. Some mornings, like this one on July 13, at 5 a.m., are so beautiful that words cannot express the beauty of Mother Nature.


Youth set sail for adventure

youth sail.jpg
Photo: Radio-Canada/Instagram

The contrast was striking.
During the parade of sailors through the streets of the old city on Thursday, there were the official military types in their gleaming, crisp white uniforms; and then there were the Sail Training International (STI) sailors dressed in a crazy array of costumes, singing boisterous shanties of their home ships.

Formal or casual, they all have lived life on the sea.

Québec Capitales in first place at the All-Star break

captiales guy.jpg
Photo: Courtesy of Capitales de Québe

Veteran pitcher Karl Gélinas pitched eight strong innings, allowing only three hits, but that wasn’t enough. The Sussex County Miners made the most of their scoring opportunities as they upset the Québec Capitales 3-1, last Sunday afternoon, in front of 3,132 fans.

2017 football season just around the corner

pats high school.jpg
Photo: Luc Lang

It’s the end of July, and yes, it is that time of year when football fans start looking at their favorite team’s football season.

Roger Van den Hende Botanical Garden

Photo: Bill Cox
Roger Van den Hende is not the name of a Quebec City street but that of a botanical garden created in 1966 by the former professor of ornamental horticulture at Université Laval’s faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food. The Roger Van den Hende botanical garden covers 12 acres with some 2,000 plant specimens.

[PHOTO] RDV2017: Tall Ships Regatta a towering success


The USCGC Eagle proudly waves her flag as the sun slowly sets on her last day in Quebec City. Photo Shirley Nadeau


[PHOTO] RDV2017: Tall Ships Regatta a towering success


The Europa is a sail training vessel from The Hague, Netherlands. Photo Luc Lang


[PHOTO] RDV2017: Tall Ships Regatta a towering success


The Jeffy Jan II, the Chris Craft that transported visiting dignitaries during the Quebec Conferences in 1943 and 1944, sits proudly on the jetty among all the tall ships. Photo Shirley Nadeau


[PHOTO] RDV2017: Tall Ships Regatta a towering success


The crew of the Esmeralda lined the masts and sang the Chilean national anthem as the ship arrived in port. Photo Luc Lang


[PHOTO] RDV2017: Tall Ships Regatta a towering success


The Oosterschelde, from the Netherlands, and the Alexander Von Humboldt II from Germany, prepare to dock in the Port of Quebec.  (Photo by Luc Lang) 


Tall ships sail on to their next great adventure

Photo: Shirley Nadeau
The quays and jetties along the shores of Quebec City and Lévis were crowded with people who had come to say farewell and get one last glimpse of the 38 tall ships that were in port last week.

Louis Riel rises again on Grand Théâtre stage

louis riel.jpg
Photo: Shirley Nadeau

Louis Riel is arguably the most famous Canadian opera. The English and French libretto by Mavor Moore and Jacques Languirand, set to music by composer Harry Sommers, concerns the controversial Métis leader Louis Riel, who was executed in Manitoba in 1885.

Who took over FEQ’s Bell stage Thursday? The Who!

The Who1.jpg
Photo: Cassandra Kerwin
The Plains of Abraham were filled to overflowing as fans of all ages eagerly awaited the arrival of the iconic British rock band on the big Bell stage during the 50th Festival d’Été de Québec (FEQ) on Thursday, July 13. 

The Who immediately rocked the house with “I Can’t Explain,” “The Seeker” and fittingly – “Who Are You…?”

DNCE dance the night away at FEQ’s 50th

Photo: Jay Ouellet
Things were “hot” at the Parc de la francophonie FEQ50 stage on July 10, as DNCE’s founding member Joe Jonas performed with his all-star bandmates Jack Lawless (drums, percussion, backing vocals), Cole Whittle (bass guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), and JinJoo Lee (guitar, backing vocals).  

Quebec getting gassed up naturally

peter head shot USEa.jpg

Is it weird or wrong to get sentimental about a kitchen appliance?

We felt a tinge of some kind of emotion as we bid adieu to our electric stove after more than 25 years of faithful service. Countless cookies, cakes, Christmas turkeys and a few replaced elements later, the old Hotpoint ended its days with a wonky timer and an oven door held closed by duct tape.

New Brunswick, a province with international connections

Photo: Juanita Craig
New Brunswick, with 33 per cent of its population francophone, is the only Canadian province that is constitutionally bilingual (English-French). Moncton is considered the capital of modern Acadia. 

The story behind Avenue and Parc des Voiliers

Photo: Bill Cox
The name behind Avenue and Parc des Voiliers (sailing ships) recalls the time when, each year, hundreds of wooden sailing ships lay at anchor along the shore of the St. Lawrence River in front of Sillery waiting to load timber.

Memorials and Things of Fame

The Morning Chronicle
At an early hour on Saturday morning, a destructive fire occurred in St. John Suburb, whereby about fifteen wooden houses have been consumed and twenty-six families rendered houseless. The fire broke out at half-past one a.m.

Lady Antebellum gave the country music show of the FEQ

lady antebellum USE.jpg
Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

Lady Antebellum drew country music fans from near and far to the Plains of Abraham for FEQ’s 50th on July 10. The American trio had a set list of 20 songs including a cover of Canadian country artist Shania Twain.

Metallica put the pedal to the metal at FEQ

Photo: Renaud Philippe courtesy of FEQ

Tonight, it’s metal at the highest level,” announced Denis “Snake” Bélanger, lead singer of Voivod, who performed on the Bell Stage on the Plains of Abraham on Friday, July 14.

USCGC Eagle lands in Quebec City for RDV2017

The Eagle.jpg
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The eagle is the most enduring symbol of the power of the United States of America. Few words are as evocative of American might as moon-landing pioneer Neil Armstrong’s crisp declaration on July 20, 1969 – “The Eagle has landed.”

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