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Community News (Print edition)

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Gander’s key role in international aviation history

ganders role.jpg
Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

On my way from Newfoundland’s Northern Peninsula to St. John’s, I stopped in Gander. This town has a rich aviation history, filled with important key changing moments, including being a refuelling station for airplanes flying to and from Europe during the Second World War and more recently for welcoming the passengers of more than 40 flights on that fateful day – September 11, 2001.

Celebrating the Fête Nationale du Québec - Saint Jean-Baptiste

It’ll be a hot time in the Old Town on June 23 and 24, as the Capital City celebrates the 183rd Fête Nationale du Québec, also known as “Le Saint Jean-Baptiste” in honour of Quebec’s patron saint.

Victory Torch at the Quebec City Naval Museum

flame of victory.jpg
Photo: C.A. Nadeau

Monday, June 19, the Naval Museum at Pointe-à-Carcy officially opened its exhibit of the Victory Torch. The object symbolizes the effort of the entire population of Canada in helping Britain overcome the Nazi threat during World War II.

Fourth stage of the Tour de Beauce takes place in Quebec City

tour de beauce USE.jpg
Photo: Brian Black Hodes courtesy of Tour De Beauce
The international Tour de Beauce bicycle race is held in five stages. The first stage of this year’s 32nd race began in Saint-Georges-de-Beauce on June 14 and covered 185 kilometres. The second stage, held on June 15, covered 169 kilometres, was held in Lac-Mégantic and included a gruelling climb up Mont-Mégantic. 

Air Canyon zipline inaugurated at Canyon Sainte-Anne

Photo: Shirley Nadeau
Imagine soaring like an eagle high above the canyon of the raging Sainte-Anne River. Since the inauguration of the Air Canyon zipline, you too can “fly like an eagle” while safely and comfortably seated in a two-seater “pod” suspended on a very long and very strong cable. 

Neighbours Day celebrated in Old Quebec​ ​

neighbours day2.jpg

The sun was out and so were the neighbours and tourists in Old Quebec on June 10. La Maison de la Littérature and the Morrin Centre held a street party to get to know their neighbours better. Music and facepainting were taking place at La Maison and teddy bears were having a picnic under a tree on the lawn of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church facing the Morrin Centre.

What’s the harm in Dr. Couillard reopening Constitution?

Photo: Shirley Nadeau from QCT archives

One assumes that a brain surgeon, before he or she zips open a patient’s skull, has a pretty precise idea of how to perform the procedure and, most importantly, why the operation is necessary.

Memorials and Things of Fame

Photo: Jean Gagnon from Wikimedia Commons
The Morning Chronicle
The Montreal Gazette has the following: Montreal is the city of immense pretentions, proportionate emulation and its natural results, enormous taxation and excessive envy and jealousy.

The story behind Rue du Tracel

Photo: Bill Cox
This street is named after the large train trestle (tracel in French) bridge that spans the Cap-Rouge River valley at the entrance of the Plage Jacques-Cartier. 

What if… someone wrote a musical about writing a musical?

What If 1.jpg
Photo: Shirley Nadeau

J.P. Chartier composed, wrote, composed, directed, played and performed in What if…? The Musical, which was presented at La Maison Jaune last weekend. There are four more performances scheduled for this coming weekend so I won’t give away too much of the story.