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Community News (Print edition)

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What makes Maxime Bernier run?

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Photo: Peter Black

A modest crowd has gathered for a Friday happy hour in the mezzanine of a large, boisterous restaurant at a mall in a Quebec City suburb. They are waiting for Beauce MP, former cabinet minister and current Conservative leadership candidate Maxime Bernier to arrive from campaign events in the Saguenay.

Memorials and Things of Fame

The Morning Chronicle
In the eighteen fifties, the United States had more than 9,000 miles of railway lines, but Canada had only 66.  So it might be said that Canada was “asleep.” Yet it happened that Canada developed the first “sleeping car” in the world.

The story behind Rue Sherbrooke

Photo: Wikimedia Common Domain
Rue Sherbrooke, also referred to as Côte Sherbrooke, is named in honour of Sir John Coape Sherbrooke (1764-1830). After serving with the British army in Nova Scotia, the Netherlands, India, the Mediterranean (including Sicily) and Spain, Sherbrooke was appointed Lieutenant-Governor of Nova Scotia in 1811.

Seniors Technology workshops planned for March, April

Voice of English-Speaking Québec, Quebec High School, and the Lifelong Learning program are pleased to announce the Spring 2017 series of Technology Workshops for age 50-plus seniors of our community to be held from March 28 to April 21.

Steve Cameron launches new book Hill Notes: ‘Glimpses’ of Before

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Photo: courtesy of Steven Cameron

After Hill Search: the Robert Corrigan Story, and Hill Tales: Still Searching, local author Steven L. Cameron now presents Hill Notes: ‘Glimpses’ of Before.

Quebec Art Company doubles down with farce by acclaimed Canadian playwright Norm Foster

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Photo: QAC

Last year was a big one for Norm Foster. Not only did the prolific Canadian playwright find himself pinned with an Order of Canada, there was the inauguration of a festival in St. Catharines, Ontario, devoted to his works. On top of that, he got engaged.

Marianna O’Gallagher Collection inaugurated at Valcartier Library

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Photo: Allison Kirkwood

The Marianna O’Gallagher Collection was officially inaugurated at the Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier Municipal Library on Thursday, March 16. This collection will be made up of books concerning the history and life of the Irish and Scottish community in Quebec.

Pick-a-book storytime comes to an end ​...​ for now​!​

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Photo: Danielle Burns

Initiated by CEGEP Champlain–St. Lawrence student Marjorie Lepage, who enlisted the help of other student volunteers who wanted to read stories to children in English, the first series of Pick-a-Book storytimes came to an end at the Morrin Centre Library last Saturday.

Calling all QuACkers . . .

Quebec Art Company launching Memories, Mementos and Magic

Inspired by our 35th anniversary gala event held in early December, the Quebec Art Company, in partnership with the Morrin Centre, is launching a new project, QAC – Memories, Mementos and Magic, to gather, preserve and share memories and mementos from the theatre troupe's impressive repertoire of productions.

No thaw in women’s hockey salary “ice ceiling”


NHL playoffs are around the corner and it’s an exciting and nerve-wracking time for fans whose teams have not yet locked up a date for the dance. It’s also an exciting time for players, particularly rookies, as they close in on performance bonuses that kick in as they hit certain targets.