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Anglo business owners decry lack of resources

English-speaking small business owners across Quebec are speaking out about the lack of resources to help them develop and grow their businesses and contribute to their local economies.

Quebec City Language School Marks First Year

Les Services Emchar Inc., a Quebec City-based English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) school, recently marked the end of its first year in business.

The company, which receives both federal and provincial funding, originally intended to employ one person and provide a regular income for the owner. However, more work followed and the company had to hire additional tutors.

Community Notes October 13, 2010


On Sunday Oct. 17, the Rev. Dr. J. de Burgh Wetherall will speak at Chalmers-Wesley United Church, 78 rue Ste-Ursule, during their 11:15 a.m. worship service.

Thanksgiving about giving thanks

This Thanksgiving season, many Canadians are looking for ways to show their appreciation and give thanks for everything they have been blessed with. As families come together to mark the end of the harvest season, homes overflow with food and good company. This Thanksgiving, why not take the opportunity to celebrate in a meaningful way?

Memorials and Things of Fame for October 13, 2010

The Morning Chronicle

Noted speaker addresses educators in Ste. Foy

Approximately 350 teachers, administrators, professionals and support staff gathered
Friday, during a Pedagogical Day event in Ste. Foy organized by the Central Quebec School Board, to hear Barry MacDonald address the topic of meeting the needs of boys in our classrooms.

Winds of Change blow into Jeffery Hale Hospital

The Winds of Change is a workshop presented in partnership with the Community Health and Social Services Network and Jeffery Hale Community Services in English to aid English-speaking newcomers who have moved to the Quebec City region in the past few years.

Next stop, Quebec Kebs, for well-travelled coach

KEBS-Photo-Coach Robert SPON-Point de presse(6oct.2010)3.jpg
Photo: Courtesy Quebec Kebs

One team, the Gary, Indiana Steelheads of the old Continental Basketball Association, folded just before it was to start the 2006 playoffs. A second team, the Wichita Kansas Bombers of the All-American Professional Basketball League, didn't get nearly that far in 2005, the entire league going under following a pre-season tryout camp in Montana.

A Community of Faith

Spiritual Chronicles

In the past several days, I have heard different people say something like: I believe in God, but I don't see any need to go to any church. Most of the people there are hypocrites anyhow and I have a close relationship with God. Or they will say: I am spiritual but not religious.

I find both of these statements profoundly disturbing on several levels.

Nurturing Abortion Dialogue is No Easy Task

May 14 marked the 41st anniversary of the Canadian Parliament's passage of legislation that gave the right of choice in abortion to women. Presently, Stephen Harper has made it clear, Canadians in general "don't want to re-open the debate" on the controversial topic.