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Grosse Ile pilgrimage short of funds

The annual pilgrimage to the Celtic cross on Grosse Ile will likely come up short financially this year.

"The cash [to participate] just isn't available," says Victor Boyle, one of the organizers.

Boyle says Americans who wanted to participate last year have since lost their jobs or homes in the big economic slowdown and can no longer afford the trip.

The Never-Ending Cough

The past three weeks for me have been spent coughing and spitting. After a bout with bronchitis that had me in bed for three days with fever, chills and no sleep, the worst of it blew over and left the residual cough that continues to pester me, though it's mostly on its way out.

Riverside ride a winner

If you're looking for a nice little bike-ride of about an hour or so, you might want to consider the beautiful bike paths along the St Charles river. This well maintained path winds along the St Charles river from the "vieux port" marina to the Marie l'incarnation bridge.

Awesome Mad Science!

On Monday April 27, 2009, two people came to Ste. Foy Elementary and presented workshops to the Cycle 2 (fourth and fifth grade) students.

How exciting!

Quebec City news in brief

Leucan invites you on July 30 at 1:30 p.m. to the Centre de plein air Le Saisonnier in Lac-Beauport to discover the world of the Leucan-CSN Summer Camp. Join the children of Leucan and their families in a cheerful atmosphere and become a participant for a moment or longer.

IB Conference: New way of thinking for a new world

That was the theme of the International Baccalaureate organization's Conference of the Americas, a four-day seminar held this month at the Quebec City Convention Centre. Over 800 teachers, administrators and keynote speakers at all educational levels met to explore the concepts and realities of education in an increasingly complex world.

New funds for 24 projects

The federal and provincial governments have announced joint financial support for 24 projects in Quebec, under the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund. With the financial participation of municipalities and private not-for-profit organizations, a total investment of $181.7 million will enable the completion of this work.

Sting closes Festival


The Festival d'ete de Quebec continues to draw bigger and bigger crowds, helped along this year by appearances of world-famous performers as face-painted rockers KISS, international opera star Placido Domingo and Sting. Here, Sting closes out the 2009 festival Sunday night at Scene Bell on the Plains of Abraham.

Medieval games in season


Its high season for medieval role playing games and the biggest event of the year is just a few weeks away. Business owner and leather artisan Mathieu Néron is swamped with work. Last week alone he had to finish two full chest armours and the orders have not stopped in weeks.

"I'm a victim of my own success," he says with a laugh.

Museum marks 75th anniversary with special volume


The Musée national des beaux-arts du Quebec has published a volume marking its 75th anniversary.

The book, entitled "75 ans chrono: Le Musée national des beaux-arts du Quebec 1933-2008," was written by Pierre B. Landry.