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Finding a New Way to Appreciate the “Water of Life”

There's "whiskey," and then there's "whisky." "Whisky" is produced in either Scotland, Wales, Canada or Japan, while "whiskey" was made in either Ireland or America
The former is the raison d'etre of the Whisky Club of Quebec, which has been in existence since its founding two years ago.

Auditioning for a place on the ‘Nile’

Though only 13 years old, Kayla Vargas is already looking to the future.

"I want to get involved in theatre," the student at Soeurs de Jesus Marie school in Sillery.

"I'm thinking maybe about it as a career, but as a pastime also."

Celtic Festival continues to grow

Packed houses for a show by the young rock band Irish Moutarde at Pub St-Alexandre and a night of Irish folk tales at Le Billig restaurant, two nights of the ever-popular whisky tasting event at the Morrin Centre and a performance by the Irish singer Meav and Les Rhapsodes choir at the Palais Montcalm were among the highlights of the week-long Celtic Festival that concluded over the weekend.

The game of golf sets a ‘course for poetry’

François Dorion was never, by his own admission, much of a golfer.

"Lousy," he said. "I was just a junior. I didn't practice at it with the intention of being good."

Nevertheless, he gathered enough from the his experiences on the links to write a book of poetry entitled Strolling on the Links of the Golf Track.

Exhibit focuses on Sillery during the times of James MacPherson LeMoine

A new exhibit recently opened at the Villa Bagatelle which focuses on the life and times of James MacPherson Le Moine (1825 - 1912).

A man of many talents - lawyer, Inspector of inland revenue, and a prolific author - Le Moine was prominent among the intellectual and political élite of Quebec City in the 19th century.

Community Rallies For Support Through Basketball Tournament

A fight that has touched far too many continues for Shawn Bélanger.

Bélanger is a forward for the Champlain St. Lawrence College basketball team. He was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

Memorials and Things of Fame for September 22, 2010

The Morning Chronicle

Spelling Lessons: Whisky Or Whiskey?

I know, I know... you thought you'd left spelling lessons behind when you left school! And you're probably wondering why you should even give a hoot about how to spell the name of your favourite spirit.

Disappointed at lack of ‘whisky’ knowledge

I commend the QCT sponsorship of the Whisky Tasting activity that marked the start of the Quebec Celtic Festival at Morrin Centre on September 10th.

A ‘well-publicized event’

Whether one agrees with the aim of the 35-group coalition that sponsored last weekend's rally, which attracted 3,000 people opposed to Bill 103, one must give credit for the much-publicized and well-organized event.