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An eco-friendly toothbrush – is there such a thing?

Photo: Lise Lafond

Let’s continue our year-long adventure to help save the planet, by changing our habits one week at a time....

Rwanda: “Do not sit on the graves”


Photo: Ruby Pratka

You’ve heard of Rwanda.

You may or may not have heard of its neighbours (Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo). You may not have heard of a single other African country between Egypt and South Africa.

But you’ve heard of Rwanda.

Kids code robots at the Morrin Centre


Karin Gomez helps her six-year-old daughter Samantha Moscoso code an Ozobot, which can be programmed simply by drawing colour-coded lines and blocks. The mini-robot changes speed and direction as it follows the colour-coded trail. Both kids and parents enjoyed the experience very much! 


Boats ashore for the winter on Île d’Orléans


These dry-docked boats sit on the snowbank at the Parc maritime de Saint-Laurent on Île d’Orléans with an icy view of the St. Lawrence river. A winter tour of the island in a warm car is a delight for eyes but don’t expect many businesses (that cater to summer tourism) to be open, apart from the Chocolaterie in Sainte-Petronille and a few others.

CQSB faces competition for surplus army land

Central Quebec School Board (CQSB) officials are hoping to be granted a portion of surplus Department of National Defence (DND) land for parking space for the new English high school to be built on school board property in Sainte-Foy.

Travelling abroad? Don’t let your vacation go up in smoke!

Health Canada and Canada Border Services Agency remind travellers that, despite the fact cannabis is now legal and regulated for adults in Canada, it remains illegal to transport cannabis across the Canadian border.

Community Calendar

Wednesday, Jan. 16 at 9:45 a.m. – Senior Technology Workshop at Quebec High School, 945 Ave. Belvédère, with tech-savvy students who look forward to teaching you everything they know! Last class on Jan. 23 at 2 p.m. (YouTube and DIY). To register, contact Alexandra Hartley at VEQ at 418-683-2366, ext. 224 or [email protected]

QCGN begs to differ on Premier Legault’s interpretation of English signage in hospitals

Premier François Legault’s statement that English-speaking Quebecers have the right to services in their language but not to English signs is wrong. Bill 101 in no way prohibits the use of English on hospital signs as they relate to health and safety, maintains Geoffrey Chambers, president of the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN).

In memory of ice canoeist Daniel Malenfant

11619_ice canoe1.jpg
Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

Just over a year ago, local ice canoeists were hit with heart-breaking news: Daniel Malenfant, 39, a seasoned rower and former president of the Club de bateau dragon de la Capitale, died when his canoe capsized on Dec. 13, 2017. His death reminded fellow canoeists and fans alike just how dangerous such a sport can be.

Hollywood 4: an Oscar-worthy performance

1919_hollywood4 USEb.jpeg
Photo: Cassandra Kerwin
What is a movie without music? Little more than a series of words, actions and scenes. But even in the era of silent movies, music was indispensable to the success of a film. A few measures of dramatic music implied danger, love, fear and more. And nowadays – imagine Jaws or Harry Potter without John Williams’ scores. Would these iconic films be as memorable?