The Trivia Nerds win top honours at QHS Trivia Night

41019_trivia NERDS USE.jpg
Photo: Shirley Nadeau

Congratulations to the Trivia Nerds – Jean-François Lavoie, Charles Sias, Warren Thomson, Greg Domonkos and Manu Rangachari – who took top honours at the QHS Trivia Night with a score of 105 of a possible 130 points.

The Trivia Nerds, a team composed of two staff-members of Quebec High School and three friends, took first place in the annual QHS Trivia Night, held on April 6.

Team captain (and QHS principal) Warren Thomson, along with Greg Domonkos (QHS English teacher), Charles Sias, Manu Rangachari and Jean-François Lavoie, fought their way to the top of the heap.