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History of the Québec Chronicle-Telegraph 

North America's Oldest Newspaper ~ Since 1764

Publisher: Stacie Stanton

2600 boulevard Laurier, suite 202

Quebec City, QC, 

G1V 4T3


  • Stacie Stanton, Editor & Publisher
  • Taylor Ireland, General Manager
  • Zach Zhoub, Administration & Advertising
  • Arianne Halpin, Circulation
  • Production, Production Department
  • Shirley Nadeau, Assignment Editor
  • Pauline Kerr & Ruby Pratka, Copy Editors
  • Journalists: Peter Black, Danielle Burns, Bill Cox, Pauline Kerr,
    Cassandra Kerwin, Lise Lafond, Luc Lang, Charles André Nadeau,
    Shirley Nadeau, Lorie Pierce, Ruby Pratka
  • BBJ, Inc., Online Updating
  • Jonathan Letellier-Black, Photographer
  • Cheryl Stabinski, Graphic Design


Publication Mail Agreement No.: 1385879 and Registration No.: 8861

2600 boulevard Laurier, suite 202

Quebec City, QC, 

G1V 4T3


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Tel: (418) 650-1764
Fax: (418) 650-5172

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Office hours: Monday to Friday
9 a.m.-noon, 1-5 p.m.

Annual subscription rates:

$47.00 (taxes included) printed newspaper.
To the US: $99 CDN.

Letters and comments are welcome; please send them to Editor, Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph, 2600 boulevard Laurier, suite 202, Quebec City, QC, G1V 4T3

 . You can also fax or email your letters. We reserve the right to edit letters due to space restrictions. Anonymous material will not be published. For more information please call (418) 650-1764.