The Battle of the St. Lawrence through children’s eyes


111120_gaspe house.jpg
Photo: Heritage Lower St. Lawrence

According to Heritage Lower St. Lawrence, this house in Métis-sur-Mer “was one of two ‘Hostess Houses’ that were rented by the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) during the Second World War. RCAF Station Mont-Joli, which was used as an RCAF bombing and gunnery school until 1945, rented these houses so that British and Commonwealth pilots training at the airbase and living too far to be sent home when on leave, could relax in an English-speaking environment for a few days.” Local families would also have the pilots over for dinner. “You looked forward to seeing the soldiers and sailors because you knew they were the good guys,” recalled Ian Bovey, who was a child at the time.

Even more than 70 years later, Ian Bovey and John Cowans remember how close the Second World War came to their front doors.