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Revisiting "Closed" Debates


Mnr. Ouellet's recent comments and letters in the press have drawn some heavy criticism from commentators and citizens, and personal attacks by Facebook groups, referring to him as being a "primate." Ah, the internet.

De Gaulle's Bum Rap

Reading through Peter Stuart's opinion column on Charles de Gaulle's famous speech, there appears to be several points in his theory with which I disagree. First, neither the US nor UK looked down on France for her capitulation to Germany in 1940. France lost more men on the Maginot Line than the US lost during the entire war, in both Pacific and European theatres.

Childhood Heroes

At one point or another, everyone has had a childhood hero; a person who we admire, respect and in some cases, or maybe most cases, we want to be. My childhood hero was Sherlock Holmes. I'd seen all the movies, with as many personalities as there were James Bonds, from Jeremy Brett to George C.

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