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Ah, Quebec !!!

My youngest son, Michael, took his wife Wendy to Quebec City this past week-end. They stayed at a B&B on St. Ursule which they confirm was an awesome place to stay.

Blog or Op/Ed: Strange place!

Strange place!

 An article about English speaking young people leaving Quebec to find employment can be found in the Obituary Section. I know it's sad, but really!! 

Blog or Op/Ed: It worked!

It worked!

By checking the obituaries in the C-T, I was able to  contact an old friend whom I hadn't seen in about 50 years. It was awesome to talk to her on the phone and exchange old memories. We had quite a few laughs too. Way to go, Jean! 

Just thinking

how nice it would be if we could actually be able to contact old friends in Quebec City. Now, I look in the obituaries to see if anyone I know is there...Pretty sad, huh? My husband's name was in there recently. WE met and married in Quebec City and I was born there, so of course it is a very special place for me and for my family.

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