Quebec Driving 101 - A Word of Caution

Car with no front bumper



World Day of Prayer service


World Day of Prayer 2010

Ethics for managers

Ethics for managers


Quebec City's Principal Archaeologist at the Morrin Centre

Jamestown, Québec, Santa Fe : The 400th Anniversary of Three Founding Cities


Quebec Winter Carvival

When does the winter Carival start this year and end?

Haven't been in years and it should be fun to return.


on omme  

The overrated and overused adjective.


Voila, a new year is upon us. Out come the resolutions that no one will keep. Out come the promises, that no one will act upon, and out come the eating habits that supposedly will change your life, but probably won't be adhered to anyway, so no they won't change your life.

QAC Thankful for Community Support

Hanukah celebration…on ice

On Sunday, December 13, the Quebec City Jewish community invited their fellow Quebecers to join them in the celebration of Hanukah: the festival of lights. To mark this special occasion a giant menorah had been constructed out of ice next to the skating rink at Place d'Youville .

The tar in his crown

As I write this our prime minister is not only failing fatally to make any decisions at the Copenhagen climate summit, but is trying to sabotage the talks as best he can. This is all because of his friends running the filthy tar sands in Alberta. In 2006 our government promised the US it would increase the oil output of the tar sands by 500% as quickly as possible.

Ring 350

Let the Bells Ring 350 times for Climate Justice!

(From the World Council of Churches website)

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