Ah, Quebec !!!

My youngest son, Michael, took his wife Wendy to Quebec City this past week-end. They stayed at a B&B on St. Ursule which they confirm was an awesome place to stay.

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Summer Organ Concert Series starts this Sunday at Chalmers-Wesley United Church

Picture_8.pngOn Sunday, June 28, at 6:00pm the first of the series of Summer Organ Concerts will take place at Chalmers-Wesley United Church. This is the 20th summer that this series has taken place, organized by Chalmers' Music Director, Alain LeBlond.


Québec Honours Local Judge

sheehan-michael.jpgWell I'm happy to announce that my father, Hon Michael Sheehan,  was named "Chevalier de l'Ordre national du Québec" at a wonderful ceremony yesterday afternoon at the National Assembly. My father has been very active in suicide prevention since my brother took his own life in 1995.

Water water everywhere, but..........

Interesting to hear that Mr. Guy Laliberte wants to spend about $30 million to shoot himself into space on a Russian rocket. He certainly has the money, and the thrill seeking personnality for this kind of an endeavor, and I understand his desire to want to go. I also admire M Laliberte for having built a circus empire, and changing the face of circuses all over the world.

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A warm welcome provides more than cold comfort


Highway 20 was less than hospitable the day we drove the cube van to Québec City. We had just endured a difficult half-day of packing too many belongings into too small a space and were now headed toward our adopted city through a gauntlet of ice and snow.

Coronado High School Symphony Strings to perform at Chalmers-Wesley

It's very musical month at Chalmers-Wesley United Church. On Wednesday, June 17th, at 7:00pm, the Coronado High School Symphony String Orchestra, from El Paso, Texas, will be giving a free concert at the church which is located at 78 rue Ste-Ursule in the Old City. All are welcome. 


Strange place!

 An article about English speaking young people leaving Quebec to find employment can be found in the Obituary Section. I know it's sad, but really!! 

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Guest Choir at Chalmers-Wesley United Church

On Sunday, June 7, the Bert Coble Singers, a 16-voice a cappella choir from the University of Tenessee, will be visiting Quebec City and participating in the morning worship service at Chalmers-Wesley United Church, 78 rue Ste-Ursule in the Old City.

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Where in Quebec...

A fun new site has been launched that poses the question 'How well do you know Quebec City?'


It worked!

By checking the obituaries in the C-T, I was able to  contact an old friend whom I hadn't seen in about 50 years. It was awesome to talk to her on the phone and exchange old memories. We had quite a few laughs too. Way to go, Jean! 

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