The P.W Sims Business program Newsletter

In our communication class at St.Lawrence, we made a newsletter to promote the P.W Sims business program. You can be suprise how you can learn about the program!


World Day of Prayer

Failed by Employment Insurance safety net

For several years as I worked at the QCT doing layout and managing the office, I also did small freelance contracts on the side; VEQ's newsletters, a few ads, and other small projects. So when, in the fall of 2007, I unexpectedly found myself without a job, my natural thought was to try my hand at doing more serious freelance graphic design work.

English speaking stained glass course

The opportunity for an english speaking stained glass course has come up.  Briefly it would be course that would see you create a stained glass lamp at the end.  The cost would be approx $140 which would include materials and tools.  The course would be one night/week.  Times/length etc up to the instructor.  There are currently two people interested.  The instructor wishes minimum of 4 and

The Party's Over.


Quebec City's 400 anniversary is over. The last fireworks have been set off, the last songs have been sung, the last dances have been danced, and now unfortunately, it's time to get back to the business of actually running the city. I was able to partake in many of the celebrations, and they were all wonderful, especially VEQ's 400th Gala. All the goings on were great and for a great cause.

Giving During Volatile Times


We are currently experiencing a difficult and challenging economic environment. Many are worried about their financial position and are uncertain if they will be able to give to the charities they support. When times are tough, the need for charitable services and programs grows.

Quebec City Travel News December 2008



Hallelujah! It's time for the Sing-Along Messiah!

The 11th annual Sing-Along Messiah will be held at Chalmers-Wesley on Sunday, November 23 at 7:00pm.

Please, bring your score and join us as we sing favorite selections from Handel's famous oratorio.

Je me souviens what?

I find the licence plates in Quebec quite boring with their "Je me Souviens" slogan at the bottom. Other provinces seem to have such interesting things like "Yours to Discover" or "Canada's Ocean Playground" or "Wild Rose Country" etc. These other slogans are so enlighteneing and positive and describe an area or idea.

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