Blueberry Sunday launch 'Melancholic Afternoon'

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Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

Blueberry Sunday launched their new album on the roof overlooking the Bleuets du Viré-Crêpe patio.

On Sept. 3, the local indie pop band Blueberry Sunday launched their first album, Melancholic Afternoon, at Bleuets du Viré-Crêpe in Saint-Nicolas. The musicians played on the rooftop overlooking the restaurant’s patio and blueberry fields; the cheering crowd were seated below, on picnic blankets and camp chairs.

“We performed a mixture of classic rock songs, like ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ by The Beatles, and songs from our new album: ‘Drop Inn,’ ‘What To Believe,’ ‘Kozmic Latte,’ ‘Ship Savvy’ and a shorter version of the nine-minute song ‘Salive sucrée,’” said Zacharie Nadeau (guitar and vocals). “We knew that there were going to be young people who came for us, but also older people. We wanted to please everyone and it’s fun playing classics,” said Nadeau.

Everyone present greatly enjoyed their set list. Many of them purchased the band’s T-shirts and placed orders for CDs or vinyl records, which are making a comeback, of Melancholic Afternoon. Digital downloads of the songs are available on Apple Music and iTunes. The band also has a Facebook page.

“We just came out with the album and we thought it was kind of sad that we didn’t have an opportunity to play. The album is cool to have, but doing shows is a lot cooler because we can interact with people,” said Nadeau. “My boss at Bleuets du Viré-Crêpe said that if I can make it work to have a show here, we should make it happen. We spent some time making it COVID-19-proof; having the show outside was the best way.

“We are called Blueberry Sunday because of [Bleuets du Viré-Crêpe], where we first performed last summer,” said Nadeau, who works on the farm. At first, they wanted to be called Blueberry Dream, but thought better of it upon learning that it was the name of a kind of cannabis, and changed “Dream” to “Sunday.” Charles Laliberté (guitar and vocals), Jérémy Fortin (drums and vocals), Zacharie Roberge (bass) and Nadeau first got together as the What The Heck band at CEGEP Champlain–St. Lawrence.

After graduation in 2019, the quartet continued to perform and created their album over the past year. Laliberté and Nadeau each have personal recording setups, allowing them to record, share and merge tracks and stems.

The charmingly quaint Bleuets du Viré-Crêpe was the perfect location for Blueberry Sunday to launch Melancholic Afternoon, with ample space for parking and social distancing. Fans enjoyed hamburgers and salads prepared by a food truck, or blueberry, vanilla or chocolate soft ice cream and blueberry sorbet made on-site.

The Hamptons-inspired boutique attracted people with its blueberry products such as jam, syrup, butter, vinaigrette, soap, scent and creams, as well as tarts, pies, pastries and cakes.