Château Frontenac closes a year of 125th anniversary celebrations

“I hope people will come and feel that magic”

1919_chateau 125.jpg
Photo: Mary McCown

Ken Hall, general manager of the Château Frontenac; David Mendel, author and historian; Dr. Diane Vachon, Monaco’s honorary consul general in Montreal; Robert Beauregard, executive vice-president and vice-rector of studies and student affairs at Université Laval; Robert Mercure, president of the Château Frontenac Heritage Foundation; and Maxime Aubin, adviser, marketing and communications, are shown at the media event.

In the echoes and shadows of the ancient city of Quebec, Canada, walks a man.…” These are words from the trailer of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1953 film, I Confess, set here in the streets of Old Quebec.