Citadel Foundation honours the late Alexander Huard

alexander huard.jpg
Photo: Normand Brassard

Alexander Huard in action on the set of The Philanthropist at the Jeffery Hale Hospital on November 17, 2016.

The Philanthropist, an upcoming production on the life of Jeffery Hale, includes performances by Alexander Huard, one of the actors filmed for this multimedia project to be staged in August at the new Champlain–St. Lawrence Amphitheatre. Tragically, he took his own life this past spring at the young age of 15.

The community is still grieving Alexander’s loss, especially his father and mother, Sylvain Huard and Sharon MacLeod, and his sister Leah.

“Alexander was so passionate and dedicated to his involvement, and we are grateful that he was a part of the project. He would have been so proud to see his contribution to the final result,” said MacLeod, who is involved in the community both as president of the Quebec Art Company and as a nurse for Jeffery Hale Community Services.

Cheryl Rimmer, director of the production, added, “Alexander had a natural ability for acting and being in front of a camera – he was a delight to work with.”

Mike Boden, creator of The Philanthropist and active member of the English-speaking community, has been particularly saddened by the loss of this promising young man. “As a community, we must continue to help young people who are struggling. Jeffery Hale was a humanitarian, a respected man who believed deeply in giving to the community.”

In that spirit and in honour of Alexander, the Citadel Foundation will make a donation to the Mark MacKenzie Jackson Memorial Fund, established to provide programs and activities that help prevent suicide among youth in our community. The foundation will match the ticket sales for the show, a donation that will raise thousands more to help the youth of the community – an example of philanthropy and community spirit coming full circle of which Jeffery Hale would certainly be proud.