Clothing Drive for Africa

St. Lawrence Clothing Drive for Africa reached its end.

2012-04-12 12.27.50.jpg
Photo: Catherine Jean

After several weeks of planning, the St. Lawrence Clothing Drive for Africa partnered with Collectif de Sensibilisation Communautaire pour le Développement Integré (CSCODI) began early this week in the St. Lawrence Campus cafeteria. Has reached its end.

Admittedly we were quite worried the first day of the drive. Tuesday April 10th was the day of reckoning for us, and with expectations set high, we were disappointed. We set up our station for the first day, and after working on our advertising campaign and telling everyone to donate clothing, we received a mere three donations from one of our group members. We felt very unsuccessful after day one. Learning from this each of us went and made sure to spread the word by word of mouth, social networks and a larger advertisement. We had to postpone hosting the event on Wednesday which further hindered the gathering of clothes, although the following day we were pleasantly surprised.

On Thursday is seemed that spreading the word had worked. We had reminded the SLC community of our event, and we received approximately 245 item donations. We had reached our minimal goal of having at least 200 items donated. The best part was that several people had planned to bring more donations on Friday, on the last day of our event, and on Friday they held their word. We received over 400 new donations, tripling the minimum amount we wished to raise by reaching over 600 donations. It should be noted that we received a donation of over 92 items from one of the SLC student and their family.

Although the event has ended, we are still accepting a few donations the following week from SLC students who were not able to bring in clothing because they live on campus and will be returning home this weekend.

Overall our group of students was pleasantly surprised by the event. Our initial hopes were crushed on day one, and we are amazed by the output and participation of all of the SLC staff and students. Although we have concluded our event, we still have that motivation to continue hosting it. We’re helping those in need, and it is worth it. Sure, we admit that we weren’t entirely looking forward to hosting the event, but to see such an output from the community we are proud to see the success of our event and of those around us.