Congratulations to Quebec High School class of 2019

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Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

Salutatorian of the class of 2019 Mia Tenasco-Pelletier poses for a photo with Central Québec School Board director general Stephen Pigeon.


Energy was buzzing around Quebec High School on June 19. Beautiful girls and handsome boys in their royal blue gowns and mortarboards became young women and men that evening. QHS’s class of 2019 has graduated.

Moments before the ceremony, the 76 graduates gathered in the cafeteria for the official photos: one serious and one funny. In the latter, best friends hugged, guys looked cool and gals took goofy poses. This was a photo for the yearbook.

Then they were called to line up at the entrance of Webster Hall. Pipers of the 78th Fraser Highlanders led the procession. After the national anthem, there were addresses by principal Warren Thomson and chair of the Central Québec School Board Stephen Burke.

Then the salutatorian took the microphone. Mia Tenasco-Pelletier’s altruism, generosity, individuality, strong mind and intelligence won her four prizes, including the Lieutenant Governor’s Award. In her address, she introduced the guest speaker, Sandra Lee McBain, an alumna of QHS (class of 1980) and owner and co-president of the family and international business Ver-Mac.

McBain said that, while she was composing her speech, she thought a lot about the lessons she had learned through becoming a businesswoman, bringing a small family-run business to the international stage with success. “I thought about business and communications, and how they move so much faster today than when I started my career. [Nowadays] we forget to talk to each other to fix our problems. We hide behind our emails and our texts,” she said. This, she explained, does not build trust, which is necessary for relationships and in business. “When we talk with each other, we find solutions,” she concluded, then heartily congratulated the class of 2019.

Valedictorian Landon Ra Dagenais gave the closing speech. Among his 12 awards, he won two in music, for being known as the best bassist of QHS; and the generous QHS Montminy-Wolff Bursary (science and math) worth $8,000. Naomi Jauvin won the equivalent in social sciences.

Dagenais’ speech was filled with anecdotes about the past five years at QHS, “the point de repère,” as he called it. For many, “No matter what happened to us on our own time, school still started at 8:45 a.m. on the next weekday. These times might have been hard, occasionally boring, or even the best years of some people’s lives. What’s important is that they happened and that meant something,” he said.

Dagenais recalled something music teacher David Rompré had said: “As long as the group starts and finishes the piece together, the music in the middle doesn’t matter.” Dagenais realized that these words also apply to high school, especially after all the assignments, gossip and classes. “Our cohort is legendary in this peculiarity. We’ve won high praise for being lethargic and undisciplined. The class of 2019 has been the loudest class, the most resilient class, and most importantly, the most confident class.

“In an hour, we are going to leave you. Some people will come back, some might not. Either way, you’ll always be part of QHS,” said Dagenais. “The memories are a part of us. We are QHS’s class of 2019 for better or for worse, but really for better.”

The list of names of all graduates and award-winners can be seen below the following photo. 



The Quebec High School graduating class of 2019 ham it up for their non-official photo. (Photo by Cassandra Kerwin)


Quebec High School class of 2019 

Graduation Awards 

and list of all graduates 


Valedictorian Landon Ra Dagenais received the following: the McGill Science and Math Award, CEGEP St. Lawrence English Scholarship, Mrs. Pearl Treggett-Weller Memorial Prize (Contemporary World), the Jerry Trzeciak Award for Proficiency in Physics, plus awards for proficiency in Chemistry, Science Mathematics and English, the Sanheim Music Award, the Rhythms International Music Prize, the QHS Montminy-Wolff Bursary (Science Math), and the Nelson Shield, which since 1911 has been awarded to a QHS graduating student for helpful example in commemoration of “Admiral Horatio Nelson” and the Matheson Cup, awarded to the class Valedictorian each year.

SalutatorianMia Tenasco-Pelletier received awards for Outstanding contribution to Creative Writing Secondary V, Proficiency in Leadership Option Cycle II, the Vasili Arkhipov Award given for an act of conviction and humanity in defiance of convention and authority, the Janice & Steve Pound award given to the Salutatorian of the Graduating Class, and the Lieutenant Governor's Award, which is given in consideration of outstanding academic achievement, personal, collective and social commitment.

The following awards were also presented to graduates:

Proficiency in English - Charlotte May

Most Improved in English Secondary V - Geneviève Lachance

Most Improved in Science Mathematics Secondary V - Mathilde Gosme

The Dean Norman Memorial Prize for Proficiency in Cultural, Social and Technical Mathematics Secondary V - Isaac Neilson

Proficiency in French Mother Tongue Secondary V - Naomi Jauvin

Most Improved in French Second Language Enriched Secondary V - Isabelle Devi Poirier

The RCCA Award for outstanding commitment to technical support - Simone Robin-Wiseman

Mrs. Pearl Treggett - Weller Memorial Prize for achievement in Art - Jocelyn Le

Artistic Ability in Drama Secondary V - Megan Côté

Prize for Exceptional Dedication to Home Economics Cycle II - Lea Lessard

Artistic ability in Music Theatre Option - Isabelle Devi Poirier

Prize for Dedication to Improvement in Soccer Concentration - Isaac Neilson

The Jonathan Tanguay Award, which is given annually to students who have committed to volunteering in the Jeffery Hale Community Partners SNACS Program, who have volunteered and contributed to making the SNACS program an inclusive, memorable, safe and friendly environment for all participants -  Jonathan Corbett and Daniela Nuñez Rea.

The Couture-Juhasz Award, which is given to a student ambassador at the senior level who has volunteered throughout their QHS career. This student exemplifies the core value of altruism by giving time and taking the initiative to help school events run smoothly - Jonathan Corbett.

Award to the member of the Student Council Executive of Quebec High School in recognition of their service to our school - Kelly Eden.

Award for the student who selflessly invested his/her time volunteering for many school events - Jonathan Corbett.

Student Advisory Committee Certificate for having played an active role in the CQSB Student Advisory Committee - Brandan Sheridan, and Jonathan Corbett

The ABCD Award to the Graduating Student who went Above and Beyond the Call of Duty - Olivia Oullet

The Citadel Youth Volunteer Award, given to a student who has contributed to his community as a volunteer - Jonathan Corbett

The Donald Simons Award, presented to a student for meritorious and devoted service to the student body - Kelly Eden

The Entrepreneurship Award for the student who displays strong innovation and organizational skills while maintaining a strong academic standing, and who displays commitment to a school committee and/or major school event. - Laurie Adam

The Kennedy Award to a Graduating Student for maintaining a good academic average through constant effort and perseverance - Megan Côté

The Reunion '88 award to a graduating student who has contributed to the school community through constant industry and selflessness - Jonathan Corbett

The Humanitarian Award presented to a student who has demonstrated exceptional traits of dedication, helpfulness, and sensitivity toward others - Jonathan Corbett

St. John's Lodge No. 3 Ancient, Free & Accepted Masons Queen's Diamond Jubilee Award to encourage students for continuing their post-secondary education - Jersey Chenard, Melissa Diaz and Isabelle Devi Poirier

The McGill Social Sciences Award, which is given to a graduating student who shows exceptional promise in this field - Charlotte May

The Fry Shield is awarded to the girl in the graduating class for participation in extracurricular activities, fostering school spirit, and maintaining a good academic record - Dominique Baker

The Nelson Shield has been Awarded to a QHS graduating student for helpful example since 1911 in commemoration of "Admiral Horatio Nelson." - Laurence Jobin

Governor General’s Award for academic excellence to the student who achieves the highest average upon graduating from a secondary school 2018 - Victor Fugère

The Father Alexis D.R. Arul Memorial prize for exemplary character and attitude Secondary V - Charlotte May

Quebec High Resiliency Award, given to students who demonstrate perseverance through adversity - Jersey Chenard, Naomi Jauvin and Ian Craig

The Triple Credit Stuart Dunn Memorial Prize Awarded to the Boy in the graduating class who best exemplifies the qualities of an athlete, a scholar and a gentleman - Isaac Neilson

The Moe and Regina Rosenhek Award, which is given to the student who best exemplifies the qualities of an achiever, a good citizen, who is generous with his/her time at school and participates in a school sports team. Donated by Jo and Felix Rosenhek & family - Olivia Ouellet

The David E. Blinco Bursary - Dominique Baker

The Donald Harriet Memorial Award given to a Graduating Student: Positive attitude, involved, invested, helps foster school spirit and is kind to their peers. - Isabelle Devi Poirier

The Quebec High School Montminy-Wolff Bursary (Social Science) - Naomi Jauvin

Quebec High School graduating class of 2019 

Laurie Adam, Rodrigo Alves Armond, Raphaël Arsenault, Dominique Baker, Lucas Beaumont, Audrey Beauregard, Cidneé Benoit, Edouard Bouchard, Jacob Bourdeau, Manuel Carrion Castanon, Jersey Chenard, Jonathan Corbett, Megan Côté, Ian Craig, Landon Ra Dagenais, Samuel Davidson, Amélie Delisle, Melissa Diaz, Frédérick Dion, Kelly Eden, Elizabeth Fournier, Charles-Émile Gagnon, Doryanne Giguère, Ariane Giroux, Maève Gordon, Mathilde Gosme, William Gosselin-Thiboutot, Tristan Greaves,Chad Grenier, Jayden Gunville,Isabelle Hurley, Naomi Jauvin, Laurence Jobin, Tiago Jubran Miranda, Amy Keppel Jones, Émy Kingsborough, Theo Klocker, Geneviève Lachance, Mallaury Lajoie, Maxim Lanteigne, Marylou Larose, Andrew Lavallee, Jocelyn Le, Kim Leblanc, Léa Lessard, David Macdonald, Jamie Matoush-Pien, Charlotte May, Samuel McCoubrey, Citlali Guadalupe Mendoza Gonzalez, Alicia Michaud, Henrique Miglioranzi Kato, Amara Naraine, Isaac Neilson, Daniela Alejandra Nunez Rea, Cloey Olivier, Olivia Ouellet, Raphaël Ouellet, Antoine Paquet, Alyia Pardy, Isabelle Devi Poirier, Noémie Raymond, Mina Rémillard, Simone Robin-Wiseman, Allyson Rochon, Alicia-Krystal Savoie, Brandan Sheridan, Madison Small, Mia Tenasco-Pelletier, Trevor Theriault, Vanessa Tremblay, 

Joshua Trudel-Triantafillou, Matilde Urbani, Étienne Vallée, Melodie Veilleux, Anna Wainig and Clara-Jeanne White.