Congratulations to St. Patrick’s High School class of 2019

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Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

Principal André Gosselin congratulates salutatorian Jade Cooper and valedictorian Alexandre Morin for their achievements.

Proud parents and friends gathered at the Palais Montcalm on June 20 to see the young people graduate. Due to rain, graduates wearing white and green gowns and mortarboards gathered inside onstage for their official class photo, instead of on the steps outside the theatre. After five years of secondary school, the St. Patrick’s High School class of 2019 was graduating.

Before the ceremony began, girls in white robes and boys in green marched into Salle Raoul-Jobin to the traditional “Pomp and Circumstance,” performed by the senior jazz band. Parents photographed the class of 2019 onstage.

Salutatorian Jade Cooper, the winner of six awards, addressed her fellow graduates. She cited some curious and memorable events at SPHS, including students dressed as giant chickens and a T-Rex. She also quoted teachers and described the reality of balancing one’s personal demons and angels, a key factor in becoming a well-adjusted adult. “Our cohort has a few well-known elite demons,” said Cooper. “As a result, the rest of us had to let our demons fall quiet for quite a bit, to balance things out and not drive our teachers crazy. In the course of our high school years, we have grown along with our angels and demons,” she said. “Of course, St. Pat’s has contributed to the delicate balance of our angels and our demons because St. Pat’s has its own balance of the sullen and the entertaining.”

She said that despite the many upcoming changes, fortunately, some things will stay the same: strength and diversity of character. “The strongest characters make it the farthest,” she concluded.

Fred Côté, who donated a leadership scholarship, shared some wise advice: “Listen to others and their advice, challenge yourself, invest in yourself and in friendships as well as financially, and find and have fun. If you blend all four [points] together you will discover something wonderful […] augment your knowledge, accomplish tasks with more ease and reap the fruits of your labour.”

Alexandre Morin, the recipient of nine prizes including the Lieutenant Governor’s Award, gave the valedictory address. He recalled moments of success and failure, of happiness and sadness, of victory and defeat. “My fellow graduates, we may not have been the easiest of cohorts, but we pushed and made it through like true Fighting Irish,” he said. As he put it, they were the experimental group of the school, being the first to have a profile, to take an online chemistry course and to be seated differently (boys behind the girls, not beside) at the graduation ceremony. “Whether we realize it or not, these firsts have helped us arrive at the threshold of the next stage of our lives,” he said. “Never stop working [...] is the key to success,” he said.

As always, in closing, the graduates marched off the stage to their chosen song “Life is a Highway” by Tom Cochrane, the perfect lyric for a milestone ceremony.

The list of names of all graduates and award-winners can be seen below the following photo. 



St. Patrick’s High School class of 2019 stands onstage at the Palais Montcalm to celebrate its graduation. Photo by Cassandra Kerwin 


St. Patrick’s High School class of 2019 

Graduation Awards 

and list of all graduates 


ValedictorianAlexandre Morin was awarded the Lieutenant Governor’s Medal, the Brother Walter Trophy, the Ray Barry Memorial Award, the Brother George Trophy, the Father Bill Stacy Trophy, The St. Patrick’s Alumni Award, the Fred Côté Leadership Scholarship and the School Letter;

Salutatorian Jade Cooper was awarded the Father Bill Stacy Trophy, the Walter Munro Trophy & Award, the Teresa F. Whealan Trophy, the Robert Brochu Trophy, The McGill Science Award and the School Letter;

Loïc Bouchard: the Fred Côté Leadership Scholarship, the Citadel Foundation Youth Volunteer Award, the St. Patrick’s High School Positive Impact Award and the Phil Delaney Memorial Music Award;

Mathieu Poulin: the Brother George Scholarship (St. Patrick’s High School Foundation), the Patrick McKenna Trophy, the McGill Award of Excellence in Social Sciences and the School Letter; 

Isabel Laroche: the Bruce Phillips Award, the St. Patrick’s Alumni Award, the Bill Mylett Bursary and the School Letter;

Karen Ludwig: the St. Patrick’s Catholic Women’s League award (Frieda O’Connell Scholarship), the Ray Barry Memorial Award and the Sister Mildred Wallace Trophy;

Samuel Fitzgerald: the Marianna O’Gallagher Award, the St. Patrick’s Parish Award and the School Letter;

Amy Savoie: the St. Patrick’s Parish Award, the Leonard School Alumnae Award and the Masonic Foundation of Quebec Award;  

Jade Rouleau-Arseneau: the Irish Heritage Quebec Award and the Ron Corriveau Award;

Christopher Toupin: the Michael Yaremko Trophy and the Principal’s Award;

Matthew Fitzgerald: the Marianna O’Gallagher Award and the St. Patrick’s Parish Award; 

Ryan Veilleux: the St. Patrick’s Parish Award, the Principal’s Award and the William J. McNamara Award;

Zakary Henri: the Bruce Phillips Memorial Bursary and the Phil Delaney Memorial Music Award;

Thomas-Alexandre Gignac: the St. Patrick’s Parish Award and the School Letter;

Isabel Zuniga: the Leonard School Alumnae Award and the Principal’s Award; 

Frédéric Plista: The Masonic Foundation of Quebec Award and the Governing Board Award;

The following awards were also presented:

The Walter Munro Trophy & Award - Laurie Aubin;  

The Desmond O’Neill Award - Lars Banziger; 

The S.M. Manek Award - Cathrine Enderberg; 

The Leonard School Alumnae Award - Stacy Paris; 

The CQSB Parents Committee Award - Francis Brouillette; 

The Principal’s Award - Thomas Goulet, Elsa O’Farrell, Briana Oliveira, Michael Rancour and David Trudel; 

The Central Quebec Administrators Award - Alexe Bellemare; 

The Governing Board Award - Linda Fink, Noémie Gingras-Jobin, Sara-Maude Langlois and Andrew Xu; 

The Masonic Foundation of Quebec Award - Jérémy Bisson; 

The Empowerment and Achievement Award - Thomas Lemieux; 

The Fleming Motto Award - Elsa O’Farrell; 

The St. Lawrence Regional College Bursary - Erik Gault and Lucas Montminy; 

The Eastern Quebec Learning Centre Scholarships - Maxime Audet-Chalifour, 

Guillaume Deschênes, Alyson Jenkins, Alex Kilganon-Roy, Lydia Lambert, Stacy Paris, Raphaël Proulx and Francis Rodrigue. 

St. Patrick’s High School graduating class of 2019: Laurie Aubin, Maxime Audet-Chalifour, Lars Banziger, Charles-Olivier Beauchamp, Myriam Beaulieu, Jordan Béland, Alexe Bellemare, Amy Bilodeau, Jeremy Bisson, Loïc Bouchard, Jaxxon Brashear, Liam Brennan, Francis Brouillette, Samuel Chartier, Xavier Cloutier, Jade Cooper, Guillaume Deschênes, Alexis Drolet, Jane-Hélène Dugas, Raphael Dupré, Mathieu Eden, Cathrine Enderberg, Linda Fink, Matthew Fitzgerald, Samuel Fitzgerald, Jacob Francoeur, Benjamin Gagné, Antoine Gagnon, Yanick Gagnon, Erik Gault, Sarah Gauthier-Blouin, Thomas-Alexandre Gignac, Dylan Giguère, Maxime Gingras, Noémie Gingras-Jobin, Thomas Goulet, Zakary Henri, Charlotte Houde, Alyson Jenkins, Alex Kilganon-Roy, Kayla Knox, Nicolas Lachance-Méthot, Alexandre Lacombe, Lydia Lambert, Sara-Maude Langlois, Isabel Laroche, Anthony-James Larocque, Jacob Lavoie, Vincent Lavoie, Jacob Leclerc, Laurie-Rose Lefrançois, Tristan Lefrançois, Thomas Lemieux, Sarah Losier, Karen Ludwig, Zachary Marcotte, Andrew McEnaney, Alexandre McManus, Lucas Montminy, Alexandre Morin, Kyle Normand, Elsa O'Farrell, Briana Oliveira, Stacy Paris, David Pelletier, Frédéric Plista, Mathieu Poulin, Samuel Pouliot, Raphael Proulx, Zachary Racine, Michael Rancour, Joey Robichaud, Jérémy Robitaille, Francis Rodrigue, Jade Rouleau-Arseneau, Amélie Savard, Amy Savoie, Christopher St-Arnaud, Nicolas Talon, Cédrik Thériault, Christopher Toupin, Rose-Allie Trépanier, David Trudel, Yan-Alexis Trudel, Ryan Veilleux, Andrew Xu and Isabel Zuniga.