Discover the magic of Christmas in Charlesbourg

Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

At the door of this home, Santa Claus keeps a watchful eye over his elves, who are busy decorating a tree. One of them found a sled and is testing the slope of the entrance arch.

For those still searching for some Christmas magic, visit the Trait-Carré sector of Charlesbourg, where Santa’s elves are busy decorating homes or playing tricks. During the day, the elves are easy to spot, while in the evening, Christmas lights add warmth and charm to this neighbourhood.



The beautifully decorated Cloutier farmhouse has been home to nine generations of the same family since 1756. Photo by Cassandra Kerwin



These elves have gotten tangled up in Christmas lights and could use a bit of help to free themselves. Photo by Cassandra Kerwin