Donate to the Hamper Campaign at Holiday Happy Hour

111319_hamper campaign.jpg
Photo: Sophie Minville

Members of the Community Christmas Hamper Campaign are: (back row) Shirley Nadeau, Ellie Fleming, Nectaria Skokos, Brigitte Wellens; (middle row) Susie Faguy, Sylvie Piché, Jean-Sébastien Jolin-Gignac, Chris Ludgate, Anne-Claire Charette-Freake, Azanie Roy, Anne Martineau; (seated) Susan Doucet, Amy Bilodeau and Lindsay Jarjour. Absent when photo was taken: Laurence Allard, Rev. Katherine Burgess, Bill Donnelly, Chantal Dubois, Stéphanie Dubé, Vincent-Jean Dubé, Hugh Fraser, Lyne Gagnon, Chantal Lafrenière, Audrey Lanteigne, Andrée Lemieux, Jean-François Richard, Duncan Smith, Ed Sweeney, Derek White and Marie White.

Once again, Voice of English-speaking Québec (VEQ) is proud to work alongside 30 local partners on the 24th Quebec City Community Christmas Hamper Campaign. We need your help to meet the challenge of filling and delivering hampers to over 200 homes in need.