Election Time at Ste-Foy Elementary

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Photo: courtesy of Andrew Johnston

Paul Shoiry speaks to students at Ste-Foy Elementary School.

On Sept. 26, a guest speaker came to Ste-Foy Elementary School: Paul Shoiry, a former mayor of Sillery and member of city council. He came to speak to the cycle three students about the electoral process, government and politics. He shared his experience of being mayor and how he was elected. We asked him lots of questions, because we were in the midst of writing our own election speeches. The former councillor shared some insight on how to ask people what they wanted and then deliver what they wanted. For our school unit on elections, we made campaign posters to promote our goals and how we would achieve these goals.

We enthusiastically gave our speeches to the cycle two classes and then everyone, including the teachers, voted for one of the five parties on the ballots. We even had Élections Québec voting booths and a ballot box.

For our campaign speeches, we needed two ideas that could be achieved by only the students. We tried to come up with something that would change the school – for example, field trips and camping. Of course, all of these things need money, so we had to come up with a way to fundraise. Our fundraising could not just be asking our parents for help. We needed to do it ourselves. Most people thought about bake sales, but there are some teams that had the idea to sell tickets to a carnival or a school sporting event. We learned about what “first-past-the-post” meant and we now have a minority government at SFE, led by the the SFE Fun Times Party.

Shoiry was kind enough to leave us souvenirs from the city of Sillery, including flags, pins and books. “I liked being the mayor, because I get to help people,” he told us. It’s great that we got to meet him.