Entrepreneurship in Québec City

Raising awareness


Did you know that entrepreneurship plays a major role in the economic development of society? Whether locally or internationally, entrepreneurship drives innovation, creates jobs, and spurs economics growth. This being said, what’s up with entrepreneurship in Québec?

Recent reports have concluded that Québec is lagging behind the rest of Canada on many crucial elements such as business creation, entrepreneurial intentions, and business-ownership rates. What’s more, the greater Québec area presents even bleaker statistics. So what is there to do? Many experts agree that education and awareness are key. So here let’s raise awareness!

Why do I care? Well, for one, I teach entrepreneurship here at Laval University and have been whole-heartedly converted to the benefits of entrepreneurial activity. Furthermore, although discussions on entrepreneurship are abundant in French, Québec-specific exchanges in English are few and far between.

So if starting a business, running your own projects, or finding creative solutions on a tight budget is your thing, I would love to hear from you. And if reading about others who are living the entrepreneurial adventure interests you, keep an eye out for future postings.