Fans join P!NK on the FEQ Bell Stage with virtual reality

Pink virtual reality.jpg
Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

President and creative manager of Arnoovo Sébastien Ébacher presented the latest in virtual reality (VR) technology, which was used during the P!NK concert on July 8. Images and sounds captured by this camera with eight lenses and eight microphones to create a VR “bubble,” which was live streamed by Bell onto Samsung VR Gear.

The day before P!NK performed, Festival d’Été de Québec (FEQ) proudly announced the first use of virtual reality live streaming that would take place during her July 8 concert. During the first three songs, spectators and fans virtually joined the international artist on the Bell Stage thanks to Samsung, Bell and Arnoovo.

“We are offering a fully involved experience. We want to bring people to places, which are otherwise inaccessible to the general public,” said president and creative manager of Arnoovo Sébastien Ébacher. “It is quite a sensation to be virtually transported to restrict areas. And where do people want to be during a concert? On stage with the band, or in this case, with P!NK.” He continued, “We have a mix of opportunities: to work with P!NK, to work with FEQ and to offer an exclusive experience for spectators and fans.”

“We are thrilled that Bell has confidence in us, and we are very enthusiastic to have the opportunity to ensure the live virtual reality broadcast of the performance of an artist with international calibre like P!NK,” said Ébacher. “Promoting the culture and participating in the democratization of virtual reality have always been at the heart of our mission, and the 50th edition of the FEQ is a perfect occasion to crystallize our vision.” Having completed over 50 productions, Arnoovo is an expert in creating high quality innovations, like virtual reality.

As explained by Ébacher, the virtual reality (VR) technology transported users onto the Bell Stage with P!NK. Arnoovo assembled the live images and sounds captured by their camera with eight lenses and eight microphones, to create a (VR) bubble.

Bell then live-streamed the images and sound via to fans anywhere with access to Samsung Gear VR (goggles and headphones) and to a Samsung Galaxy smart phone. Bell also placed VR stations around the Bell Stages on the Plains of Abraham, and people at the Montreal Jazz Festival and at the Calgary Stampede could all watch it simultaneously.

“We are delighted that an artist like P!NK accepted to join us in this adventure,” said the FEQ general manager Daniel Gélinas. “Without her or her team’s collaboration, we would not have been able to accomplish this audacious project, which has once more allowed the FEQ to distinguish itself.”

“Bell is extremely happy to present the first Canadian live VR experience in honour of the FEQ’s 50th,” said executive vice-president of Bell in Quebec City, Martine Turcotte. “This experience, led by three innovative Quebec companies, contributed to the FEQ’s and Quebec City’s radiance on the world stage.”