Festive Celebration of Long Awaited McGreevy Manor

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Photo: Jay Ouellet

From left to right: Nectaria Skokos, Program Coordinator, Community Support and Development, Mary Curtin-Savard, President of the McGreevy Manor Tenants’ Committee and a Tenant at McGreevy Manor Violet Kirkwood, Tenant at McGreevy Manor, Richard Walling, President, Holland Community Housing Corporation, Lorraine Dinan, Tenant at McGreevy Manor. Ronald Baker, Tenant at McGreevy Manor

On the evening of December 2, the hallways of Saint Brigid's Home were filled with jazz music and laughter as over one hundred members from the community joined in celebrating the G Grand Opening of McGreevy Manor.
Located on Saint Louis Road on a piece of land provided by Saint Patrick's Church, the 39-room complex is a vibrant example of the senior English community living here in Quebec.

The evening was opened by Richard Walling, President of the Holland Housing Corporation, who was able to captivate the attention of the room by recounting the trying twelve-year history of the building project. Walling was adament however, that one decision remained constant over the years, "that this building was not just an apartment complex, but a community" that will allow English-speaking couples, friends and relatives to live together.

Walling went on to thank the various donors and advisors who helped bring this project to fruition including Saint Brigid's Home, The Ladies' Protestant Home, The Citadel Foundation, the Jeffery Hale Foundation, Saint Patrick's Parish and Action Habitation.

The Manor was named after John McGreevy, who was made a member of the Order of Canada for his dedication within the French and English communities in Quebec City. He was known for his expertise as an accountant to countless health, religious, military and charitable organizations.

Nicole Bellemare, who moved from Montreal and has worked for Saint Brigid's for 27 years, can't get over how excited she was to have been selected for a place in the residence. "These people are friends," said Bellemare enthusiastically. What a grand opening it was indeed!