The Field Trip to Montreal


Fivestudents of the Champlain St-Lawrence College organized a field trip toMontreal for the business students. During this event, they visited an amazing and unique company, which was the Sun Life Financial. The firm welcomed thegroup in a really nice way. The human resources department was prepared and theyreally seemed glad to receive them.

People whowere participating really enjoyed it. Indeed, the presentation of the companywas really interesting. They really put efforts to get our attention and giveus the best presentation they could. The employees of Sun Life Financial tooktheir time to share their work experiences as well as their academic progressesrelated to their lives. It was a really great opportunity for the students toknow more about the real business world.

To end theday in a beautiful way, the business students finished their journey outside inDowntown Montreal. They had free time to hang out before going back to Quebec.