The first blizzard of 2021 hits Quebec City

Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

On Dufferin Terrace, strong winds and snowfall pushed these trees in front of the Princesse Louise kiosk over like dominoes.

High winds and blowing snow wreaked havoc on Quebec City streets and highways on Jan. 16. Although only about 12 centimetres of snow fell, the winds made it very difficult to walk or drive. Many trees and branches were knocked down, causing power outages and property damage. Poor visibility necessitated the closure of sections of some highways.

QCT photojournalist Cassandra Kerwin ventured out in Old Quebec late Saturday afternoon to capture these photos of people who obviously wouldn’t let Mother Nature keep them from their appointed rounds, or from walking the dog.

City snowplows were out in force trying to keep streets and sidewalks clear, but it seemed to be a losing battle until the storm abated later in the evening.



The Glissades de la Terrasse, which have been offering toboggan runs for all ages every winter since 1884, were closed due to strong winds, heavy snowfall and almost zero visibility. Photo by Cassandra Kerwin



Strong winds and snow push people around in front of the Château Frontenac on Jan. 16, during the first serious winter storm to hit Quebec City this year. The Dalí statue La Vénus Spatiale, on the right, however, seems impervious to it all. Photo by Cassandra Kerwin