FLIP Fabrique draws a big crowd at Place Jean-Béliveau

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Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

The stage is set for FLIP Fabrique’s Féria l’attraction at Place Jean-Béliveau.

FLIP Fabrique has found a new home in a more spacious venue for its summer performances. The local circus group has moved to Place Jean-Béliveau in front of the Videotron Centre, and transformed the area into an abandoned amusement park, complete with wooden ramps.

As the sun sets, the rumble of roller coasters is heard through the speakers, drawing hundreds of spectators. The stage is set for the fifth edition of FLIP Fabrique’s show: Féria l’attraction, with 42 free performances until Sept. 1, thanks to the Ville de Québec. This year, the team is backed by indie pop band Groenland live and onstage.

FLIP Fabrique has created a 55-minute scenario of a group of acrobatic rebels who come across an abandoned mid-20th century amusement park. The show opened with Orissa Kelly performing on the aerial silks. She was joined by friends who created a human pyramid beneath her, intending to help her down. She didn’t need their help, managing to descend gracefully. Later in the show, she was back to shoot a flaming arrow with her feet and hit the bullseye, all while doing a handstand.

Majorie Fiset sang while seated on a high platform facing tightrope walker Laurence Tremblay-Vu, who took a break from walking (without a net!) and knelt on the steel rope, then did the splits a few times. Awe-struck spectators below applauded when he reached the safety of a platform.

As Tremblay-Vu completed his act, some 15 rebellious acrobats looking for fun drove by in a hearse that had been colourfully transformed into a clown car. Jumping off and on the vehicle and performing acrobatics with fire, nothing stopped this group. A trio of BMX cyclists followed the hearse from ramp to ramp, riding circles around the other performers. Sonia Legault cracked the whip and caught everyone’s attention ... with flames!

“As a family, we were looking for something fun to do on this summer evening and we were flabbergasted!” said Sophia Van Duran from Maine. “We heard about FLIP Fabrique from friends who saw Crépuscule a few summers ago. After their fabulous comments, we knew we had to come see it for ourselves.”

“I loved the final act: Wheel of Death [with Carlos Marin and Dario Bermudez],” said Jacob Bérubé from Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures. “The two guys scared us, especially when one of them tried to jump rope outside of the wheels and without a harness. He could have fallen and really hurt himself. I’ve been coming to see FLIP Fabrique since their first performance Crépuscule in 2015 at the Agora du Vieux-Port.”

Until Aug. 4, the show starts at 9 p.m. From Aug. 6 to Sept. 1, the show starts at 8:30 p.m. There is ample room for hundreds of spectators, but the seats, especially the three bleachers, fill up fast. People can stand or sit on the steps of the Videotron Centre.



This colourfully repainted and refurbished hearse with its message of Liberté appears in the latest FLIP Fabrique production, Féria l’attractionPhoto by Cassandra Kerwin



BMX bikers gave a thrilling performance at Place Jean-Béliveau. Photo by Cassandra Kerwin



Sonia Legault knows how to whip up a fire! Photo by Cassandra Kerwin



Acrobat Orissa Kelly opened Féria l’attraction with an aerial silks performance and was then joined by her rebellious fellow performers. Photo by Cassandra Kerwin