Gamer Night at St-Lawrence Cegep a Huge Success!

Business Students at St-Lawrence Cegep in Quebec City hold the first ever "Gamer Night" at the collage on April 12

Photo: Dave Gauvin, Oli-Dave, J.C. Greenwood, The Bucket of Success

Photo taken of one of the organizers, Olivier Mailhiot, during the event. Note that he is wearing the Bucket of Success.  

"I wish there was one every Friday night" said a St-Lawrence Student when he was asked about the Gamer Night he attended. He's not the only one; many who attended the night claim that they had a great time.

The Gamer Night was an event organized by three business students, David Gauvin, Olivier Mailhiot and J.C. Boisvert for their communications class. The event boasted 11 game stations, each adorned with a projector, game console and sound system. Forty-Four people where able to game simultaneously on various games including Borderland2, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, and Flower. Pizza, chips and Mountain Dew flowed in abundance and everyone leaving the night with full stomachs.

For the boys organizing the night, it was an opportunity to bring the English speaking community of Quebec together. Everyone played a part in the organization of the event. Ubisoft supplied high-tech innovation to be displayed, such as a Wii-U and an exclusive look at their new game, Duel of Champions. Quebec High School lent most of the projectors and cabling needed. Student Council participated in the promotion of the event and obtained sponsorships from Old Dutch and Mountain Dew. Yet with all the help that was received, the night would have been impossible without the aid of fellow St-Lawrence students. When asked for support, the St-Lawrence community rose to the challenge. Game consoles were donated; games were given to the cause, and people up their Friday afternoon to help haul the couches and chairs all the way from the school cafeteria to the third floor where the event was being held.

Possibly the greatest success of the night was that, even thought there was hundreds of dollars of equipment being handed out to the eventers, nothing was lost or stolen. Everyone was respectful of the property of other's and the space being used. Many stayed to help clean when the night was over. The security guards were baffled at the behavior of the young adult. While apprehensive at first, they quickly warmed up to the polite and respectful youth, saying they would be perfectly happy if there was to be a sequel to the Gamer Night.

“That there will be a sequel is undoubted,” stated Olivier Mailhiot. "I'm asked constantly when the next one will be; I tell them that the plans are in the works for another one during the fall next semester."