Headlines from 100 years ago

Quebec warmly welcomes war heroes home

51519_headlines battalion.jpg
Photo: Library and Archives Canada, Pa-004912

The 22nd (French Canadian) Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force was authorized in November 1914 and embarked for Great Britain on May 20, 1915. This photo was taken before their departure during a parade in Saint-Jean, Quebec. The battalion was disbanded in September 1920 but shortly thereafter was reactivated as the Royal 22e RĂ©giment, with its headquarters in the Quebec Citadelle.

Quebec City was abuzz with activity 100 years ago at the end of the First World War. Canadian troops arriving home by ship landed first in Halifax, then proceeded by rail to the Gare du Palais in Quebec City. In this way, thousands of soldiers were funnelled through Lower Town on their way home to all parts of Canada.