Help Feed the Kids, Buy a Cookie

Photo: Champlain St. Lawrence

During the creation of our project, we had to be organized and we had strict restrictions to follow in order to create an event. At first, we had to form a team which, in our case, was pretty easy. We could not have a better group, we were organized and we communicated very well with each other. The team’s roles, responsibilities, values and behaviours have been separated equally. When it came to the time to choose our event, we had difficulty, since every idea we had was either too complicated to realize or not complicated enough. After long discussions and meetings, we decided to do something simple, but that would be fun to execute and at the same time raise money to a foundation that we all believe in. We all decided to do a bake sale where we could bake goodies and raise money for a specific foundation. We decided to give all of our profits to the foundation ‘’ Le Club des Petits Déjeuners du Québec’’ since it is related to our event.


The moment we found what was our event; we started working hard to find lots of goods and various recipes. We created amusing and touching poster using childhood characters in order to advertise our events. We didn’t needed sponsor, all we had to do is asking to the right person in the school to post our posters and set up our venue. The bake sale turned out great. We raised over $160, this is approximately $50 more than what we thought we would raise. We are proud of what we have done, and we are all very thankful that people participated to our event. They bought cookies so that we could feed the kids.


Also would be good to get names of those in the photo.
Thanks. You can place them by commenting on the story here.