Holy rainbow!

Photo: Jay Ouellet

QCT photographer Jay Ouellet submitted this awe-inspiring photo of a multi-banded rainbow arching over Saint-Sacrament Church at the corner of chemin Sainte-Foy and avenue Holland on November 1, All Saints Day.

 I ran out of my office to catch this. I was talking with four spiritually-inspired friends about God-given grace and one of them, who was looking out the window, suddenly screamed, "Jay, rainbow!"

I have never seen so many coloured bands. I took a quick look and without a word, ran outside to my car, picked up my Sony RX100 and quickly took three photos. The third was already too late, only half a rainbow remained. Total time from turning on camera and doing settings and third photo: 45 seconds. These spectacular "gifts" last just long enough for the right shot, and then they are gone, but can now be seen by many. One lesson we all learn while we are here - to share.

Editor's note: Thank you, Jay, for sharing this with our readers.