Irish Taffy in the Bois de Coulonge

La cabane du parc.jpg
Photo: Jay Ouellet

QCT photographer Jay Ouellet went to the Cabane à sucre in the Bois de Coulonge this past Saturday, where you could have all the maple taffy on ice you want for $5. The Cabane will again be open next Saturday and Sunday. Among those who took advantage of the taffy were the people pictured. They went to St. Pat's High School and showed up dressed like this. Some will be in the St. Patrick's parade next Saturday. They are (back row): Alex Godbout, Anne-Marie Cech, Shirley Jobson and Russell Kueber; (front row) Renaud Bouvry, Louka Kueber, Liam Kueber, Xavier Nadeau, Benedicte Nadeau, Teodor Godbout-Cech, and Joachim Godbout-Cech.