It was a great day for the CQSB Cross-Country Run

10919_CQSB kids running.jpg
Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

Metres from the finish line, the mascot of Valcartier Elementary School urged the runners on.

The weather was ideal for the annual Central Québec School Board (CQSB) Cross-Country Run on Oct. 5. For the 23rd edition, some 525 runners and many supporters assembled at the Base de plein air de Sainte-Foy.

“I am completely amazed by the dedication of the volunteers. This is the first year my nephew ran in the pre-Mosquito category. I’ve heard about this event, but I never would have thought that it was this well organized and works like a well-oiled machine,” said Peter Murphy.

Looks exchanged by admiring spectators only echoed his words. Without volunteers, runners would not have had such a clean racecourse or received a nutritious snack at the finish line, including a banana, granola bar, juice box and bottle of water. Volunteers on bicycles led and followed the runners along the racecourse.

“It went super well…. We had perfect weather and we could not have asked for anything more for the runners,” said Claire Arsenault, co-founder and co-organizer of the CQSB Cross-Country Run. “I recall in the very first edition, there were 30 participants from two schools.” On Oct. 5, almost all of the schools participated. “For the 25th edition in 2021, we would like to have all the schools,” said Arsenault.

While some schools were absent, Jimmy Sandy Memorial School, located on the Naskapi territory of the Kawawachikamach, near Schefferville, was present. Over the years, MacLean Memorial School in Chibougamau has made this event into an annual visit to Quebec City.

While the CQSB Cross-Country Run was created to encourage physical activity in all its students, preparation for the event is at the discretion of the individual schools and their physical education teachers. Some schools have running clubs where students run with a member of the faculty or staff. Parents are also encouraged to motivate and run with their child(ren).

Students, teachers, staff and family members are strongly encouraged to participate for the sake of running and enjoying the community activity, and every good race has winners. Gold, silver and bronze medals were distributed to the winners of each category following the final race. Winners of all the races can be found on under CQSB Cross Country Run.

St. Vincent Elementary School won three of the four Pre-Mosquito and Mosquito banners, while Everest Elementary School took home the Mosquito Boys’ banner. The surprise finish of the day went to Audrey Pouliot from Everest Elementary School. She finished 56 seconds ahead of everyone in the Mosquito Girls’ two-kilometre race.



Among the many banners distributed at the CQSB Cross-Country Run, Everest Elementary School won the Mosquito Girls’ banner. Photo by Cassandra Kerwin



This dad, who'd just completed a two-kilometre loop at the CQSB Cross-county Run, was tackled with hugs and congratulations by his three proud sons as he crossed the finish line. Photo by Cassandra Kerwin



Mascots from several CQSB schools cheered students, faculty and family members at the Cross-Country Run on Oct. 5. Photo by Cassandra Kerwin