The joy of giving to the Community Christmas Hamper Campaign

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Santa helps volunteers load their cars with bags of vegetables and frozen meats to be delivered just before Christmas. Be an angel and help the Community Christmas Hamper Campaign this year.

Our eight-year-old daughter was looking anxiously at the big boxes in the back of the van. Her big brother was earnestly reading aloud the address of the recipient. They were both so excited about the idea of delivering these goodies to strangers.

We finally arrived and went up the stairs with our precious cargo. At the door, our daughter insisted on ringing the doorbell all by herself. Then a mother and toddler slowly opened the door. “Merry Christmas!” we all exclaimed. As we gave them the boxes, we exchanged smiles and greetings, then we said goodbye.

All the way home, our kids were beaming and singing. Looking at our children, my husband and I felt as if we had given them the greatest gift in the world – experiencing the joy of giving. I remembered Jesus’s teachings about how it is more blessed to give than to receive. We had a wonderful time living out this truth as a family!

This happened just a few years ago. Since then, our kids have grown up to become active volunteers in their community. Hence, as a family, we look forward again to doing our part for this year’s Christmas Hamper Campaign.

Earlier this year, as I was thinking about this experience, I felt compelled to mobilize as many people as possible to take part in the Quebec City Community Christmas Hamper Campaign. For the last few weeks, I have been sharing this message with people at our church. We are better together! And I would like to extend this same invitation to us all. As we gather collectively to reach out to our community, we will have a positive impact on others. After all, we hear about the needs of many families struggling to provide necessities for their loved ones. Simple acts of kindness can change lives!

Participating in the Community Christmas Hamper Campaign is a unique opportunity to come together and celebrate in the true spirit of Christmas!

There are many ways to contribute to this joyous effort. You can help by signing up to be a volunteer at

There are various activities going on during the week from Wednesday, Dec. 12 to Saturday, Dec. 15. From sorting canned goods to delivering hampers to homes, volunteers with smiles are needed!

You can also make a food donation by taking non-perishable items to any of the collection sites listed on the website between now and Sunday, Dec. 9. Or you can make a monetary gift by going online. Just follow the information on the website.

Thank you so much for taking this time to consider getting involved. The campaign is a marvelous opportunity for us to share our time, resources, and love. Come! Join the volunteer team at the Community Christmas Hamper Campaign and experience the joy of giving! It will be just like the good Lord smiling on you.