Mary McCown launches 'Wigglesworth in Lutinland'

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Photo: Mary McCown

Former QCT journalist Mary McCown is delighted to launch her first children’s book, Wigglesworth in Lutinland.


Former QCT journalist Mary McCown recently got in touch with exciting news – her first children’s book, Wigglesworth in Lutinland, is now available.

McCown explained the origin of her story. “When I was a kid, my mother gave me an elf named Phoebe who was a magical part of my life. Some 30 years later, with children of my own and inspired by my mother’s imagination, Wigglesworth and Poppy joined our family.

“In 2013, Wigglesworth became editor-in-chief of our family newspaper, Le Chalet Post. In 2017, he announced that there would be no more newspaper, because he was going to write a biography about his adventures in Quebec. That is when Wigglesworth in Lutinland was born.

“In 2018, my beautiful mother passed away and I doubled down on my writing in honour of her as much as therapy for myself. That summer, my book was accepted by a publisher in New York.

“It has been an incredible pleasure to write this story. The last few months of rewrites and edits have been painful, but thanks to my editor, the book is really good now! Even today, I cry a little at the end. My sister-in-law Judith checked the French for me, and she too cried. I don’t like making my family cry, but Judith, that was the best compliment ever! I have enjoyed writing this book and I truly hope you will enjoy it too,” said McCown.

Wigglesworth in Lutinland is a great idea for a Christmas present for the children in your life. Let your eyes wander through the beautiful illustrations by Madison Bedwell. Take an imaginary vacation to Old Quebec City. Learn some French, if you don’t already speak it, and try some of the tasty North Pole recipes while learning about the rich history and heritage of Quebec City.

Wigglesworth in Lutinland, (suitable for children ages 8-12) is now available for preorder on Amazon, and hopefully will soon be available at a bookstore near you.

About the author: An award-winning journalist, science writer and former host of CBC Manitoba’s Living Winnipeg, Mary McCown lives in rural Quebec, where she has experienced firsthand the challenges and rewards of learning a second language. She lives with her husband, two sons, four dogs, eight chickens, two goats and a bunch of honeybees.



Photo courtesy of Mary McCown