93020_memorials quintuplets.jpg
Photo: Wikimedia Commons - Public Domain

This photo of the Dionne quintuplets – Annette, Cécile, Émilie, Marie and Yvonne – accompanied by their father Oliva Dionne, Frère Gustave Sauvé and their mother Elzire Dionne, was taken in 1947. The identical quintuplets were born two months premature on May 28, 1934, in Callander, Ont. Only Annette and Cécile are still alive today.

September 30, 1895 – The Quebec Morning Chronicle
Paris, Sept. 28 – Prof. Louis Pasteur, the distinguished chemist and discoverer of the Pasteur treatment of the cure of rabies, is dead. M. Pasteur expired at 5:30 o’clock this afternoon at his residence at Garches, near St. Cloud. His death was caused by paralysis.