Morrin Centre virtual concert explores roots of Quebec music

2321_morrin center concert.jpeg
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube

Fiddler Daniel Fréchette and bouzouki player Dominic Haerinck (who also plays guitar), two-thirds of the local Celtic band Crépuscule, gave a foot-stomping concert of Celtic and Québécois folk music filmed at the Morrin Centre.

Musicians Daniel Fréchette and Dominic Haerinck gave a 30-minute concert of Québécois and Celtic music on Jan. 29, pre-recorded in the library of the Morrin Centre and streamed on YouTube.

In a Zoom meeting held immediately after the concert, participants had the opportunity to chat with the artists about the various cultural influences on Quebec traditional music, and to learn more about their instruments and the music they perform.

Fréchette and Haerinck explained that there was no traditional Quebec folk music before the Irish arrived. The early French colonists may have brought instruments with them, but they would have played music and songs from France. The first Irish and Scots settlers brought their style of music to this part of the world, and Quebecers adopted and adapted it to their culture.

The event, hosted by Morrin Centre events co-ordinator Jeanne Lebossé-Gautron, was part of a bilingual project, Sharing-Learning-Creating / Partager-Apprendre-Créer, that aims to promote Quebec culture and build bridges between the anglophone and francophone communities of Quebec.

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