Mystery of history photo solved

Photo: Photo from QCT archives

The sister teaching culinary art is Sister Marie du St-Esprit, a good friend of my own sister and daughter of Charles Lanctôt, a well-known politician in Québec City. The student on the far left is Cécile Gagnon (daughter of Onésime Gagnon, another well-known politician). The one in front of Suzanne is Marie Larue, the niece of the former head of the boarding school, Mère St. Luc.The two others in front of the stove are Josette Beauchesne from the Beauce (left) and Mariette Brisson from Les Grandes Bergeronnes. Needless to say she was a boarder!At one time - later than this photograph - I also attended culinary art courses in the same room which was the novices' refectory, but is now the archives. What fun we had! I want to congratulate you on the most interesting edition of your 250th anniversary. After working so hard on your celebrations, I hope you can sit back and relax a bit, if that is possible, as you publish so many articles on so many different fields of activity!

What a surprise I got when I opened my August 20, 2014, QCT, and saw the old photograph taken in 1950 I cherished at one time. It brought back so many memories! It portrays one of the Sisters of my own community, the one on the lower right side (with the pigtails), Sister Suzanne Pineau.