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Julia Caron is the new voice of Quebec AM

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Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

It was 2009, and Julia Caron had just finished a long afternoon teaching English in Cap-Rouge. The excruciatingly slow bus ride through downtown traffic ended a few stops early, because the 2010 Olympic torch relay was scheduled to come through Place d’Youville. Caron heard protesters chanting and, intrigued, stepped a bit closer.

Opening for business, at last!

Photo by Danielle Burns


Goose-stepping yogis

Photo by Lise Lafond


Meet former QCT paperboy Patrick Guay

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Photo: Danielle Burns

Patrick Guay was filming a tourism video with Québec City Business Destination (with whom he works) in Joan of Arc Garden, when this journalist overheard English being spoken. My curiosity won and I introduced myself as a QCT journalist, hoping to discover what they were filming.

Asterisk* be damned! Bring on the NHL play-ins!

Turning now to sports news. The National Hockey League (NHL) has announced its “return to play” plan. In an extraordinary move dictated by extraordinary times, the league has decided to include the Montreal Canadiens in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Introducing Kerry-Ann King, the masked facemask maker

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Photo: Seila Shakibaian

Premier Legault suggests that people wear a facemask, although it isn’t yet mandatory. It is strongly recommended to wear one when using public transportation, picking up groceries, and in any situation where physical distancing (six feet/two metres) is not possible.

Marking 150th anniversary of Red River Expedition: Part 2

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons - Public Domain

Reaching Thunder Bay at the end of May 1870, the expedition prepared for travel through the Rainy River region, down the Winnipeg River, to the Red River Settlement.

April showers bring May … or June flowers



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June 3, 1870 – The Morning Chronicle

Frontier Baseball League still exploring a shortened season

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Photo: Luc Lang

The Frontier Baseball League’s board of directors are still exploring options for a shortened 2020 season for this summer. The league’s commissioner, Bill Lee, said in a press release that the league wants to keep everyone involved up to date. “While we would love to be playing baseball, there are many factors involved in the decision as to when or if we will be able to open.”

Quebec Remparts are ready for the upcoming QMJHL draft

Patrick Roy, general manager and head coach of the Quebec Remparts, and his team of hockey scouts are ready for the upcoming annual draft of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL). It will be held online.

Steve (Istvan) KUPECZ

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Steve (Istvan) KUPECZ
2 April 1924 – 20 May 2020


I see you’ve included a link to an article on museums you can virtually tour in your March 25, 2020, article about “How to stay sane and keep kids busy learning” at:

Lord and Lady Baden-Powell visit Quebec City 85 years ago

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Photo: Le Soleil online archives

Our city has seen many celebrated visitors over the years, but one who is rarely alluded to is Lord Baden-Powell. This is rather peculiar since the founder of the Boy Scouts came here eight times.

Powder magazine under wraps during wall repairs

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Photo: Jonathan Letellier-Black

Parks Canada is “keeping its powder dry.” That explains the large temporary structure just inside the St. Louis Gate in the Old City, sheltering major renovation work on the boundary wall attached to the Esplanade powder magazine.

Thank you for being a friend!

Photo courtesy of Lucie Bouchard


Winding down the COVID lockdown a lesson in confusion

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We thought we’d buy some handkerchiefs – shouldn’t it really be nosekerchief? – from a local clothing store that’s had its ups and downs lately. You know, buy local, support merchants who are your neighbours, etc....

Warren Thomson appointed principal of both QHS, St. Patrick’s

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Photo: André Gosselin

In a gesture that affirms the coming merger of Quebec City’s two main English-language secondary schools, the Central Québec School Board (CQSB) has appointed a single principal to oversee the project.

Meet Carlo Belmonte: the birdman of Saint-Roch

Photo: Danielle Burns

If you have not run into Carlo Belmonte and his “family” of lovebirds, you haven’t been spending enough time in the Saint-Roch or Petit Champlain areas where Belmonte enjoys interacting with tourists, who are sadly missing at the moment.

Fire spreads under Hydro-Quebec power lines in Val-Bélair

Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

On May 21, a brush fire spread underneath the Hydro-Québec transmission towers in the Val-Bélair district of Quebec City. Four fire alarms called 80 firefighters from the Service de protection contre l’incendie de Québec (SPCIQ) to the site.


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Photo: Wikimedia Commons - Public Domain

May 27, 1870 – The Morning Chronicle
Fenian News!
The Fenians from nearly every part of the State of New York, are mustering on the line of Hinchinbrooke [southern Quebec], with very large supplies of stores, arms and ammunition. The muster at this time numbers over 800 men. The volunteers of the district have all been despatched to the line, and a battle is expected. ...

The story behind Chemin des Quatre-Bourgeois


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Photo: Screenshot from Google Maps

This street is named for the four 19th-century bourgeois (middle-class) landowners whose estates and farmlands were crossed by the road it would become.

Commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Red River Expedition: Part 1

52720_red river man.jpg
Photo: Wikimedia Commons - Public Domain

In March 1871, Lieut. H.S.H. Riddell of the 60th Rifles presented a paper to the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec about the Red River Expedition of 1870. Lieut. Riddell had served as one of three officers who led detachments during this epic campaign.

Social distancing is the new norm at elementary schools

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Photo: Bill Cox

At École Coeur-Vaillant-Campanile elementary school in Sainte-Foy, and at all other Quebec schools that resumed classes on May 11, social distancing is the new norm. It can be seen when students enter and leave school, and during recess in the schoolyard.

MCQ and MNBAQ to reopen in June

Further to the official statement on May 22 by Minister of Culture and Communications Nathalie Roy and Deputy Premier Geneviève Guilbault, two of Quebec City’s most popular museums will soon reopen their doors after over three months of closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 increases potential for domestic violence

There are a lot of grave markers belonging to women who tried to tell police their estranged husband, ex-boyfriend or even a besotted co-worker was dangerous.

In the most recent case to hit the headlines, the battered girlfriend survived the attack. Tragically, 22 other people in rural Nova Scotia did not.

Patrick Roy wants the 2022 Memorial Cup held in Quebec

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Photo: QMJHL

Quebec Remparts general manager and head coach Patrick Roy wants the team to be host of the 2022 Memorial Cup tournament. Quebec City last hosted the event in 2015; it was also the last sporting event held at the Colisée.

Hockey quiz: How well do you remember the Nordiques?

52720_hockey quiz.jpg

The Nordiques left Quebec City in 1995 for Denver to become the Colorado Avalanche, after being in the Vieille Capitale since 1972. The team started in the now defunct World Hockey Association and joined the National Hockey League in 1979, along with Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Hartford.

Warm weather brings people together on Plains of Abraham

Photo by Cassandra Kerwin


Quebec flags at half-mast in memory of COVID-19 victims

Photo by Shirley Nadeau


On May 13, the Quebec flag at the top of the National Assembly was flown at half-mast in memory of those who have died as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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