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'Picasso. Figures' has arrived at the MNBAQ

Photo: Shirley Nadeau

Picasso. Figures, which highlights the work of Pablo Picasso (1881-1973), a legendary artist and a somewhat controversial individual, opened in an exclusive Canadian exhibit on June 12 at the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec (MNBAQ). The assembled masterpieces celebrate the human figure, the artist’s favourite subject.

OSQ announces a joyous 2021-2022 season

Photo: Shirley Nadeau

Details of the first half of the 2021-2022 Orchestre symphonique de Québec (OSQ) season were presented during a press conference held at the Grand Théâtre on June 10.

MondoKarnaval brings world music to Quebec living rooms

Photo: Danielle Burns from QCT archives

MondoKarnaval is excited to announce this year’s summer virtual concert series, which will have world music lovers singing and dancing in the comfort of their living rooms!

Grand Marché celebrates second anniversary

61621_grand marche.jpg
Photo: Danielle Burns

The Grand Marché is celebrating the second anniversary of its move from the former Old Port location to its current home in front of the Videotron Centre.

FEQ ‘like no other’ features 22 shows at the Quebec Armoury

6921_FEQ girl.jpg
Photo: Wikimedia Commons - Public Domain

It will indeed be a Festival d’Été de Québec (FEQ) like no other, as organizers billed the program announced last week. While the music event, now in its 53rd year, will take place over the usual 11 days in July (July 8 to 18), it will feature 22 acts, rather than the usual hundreds. The lineup is all local and all francophone, although some artists perform in English.

Author and filmmaker Nicholas Kinsey reveals the story of a forgotten epidemic

6921_arts capsule.jpg
Photo: Nicholas Kinsey

Nicholas Kinsey tackles fear and despair during an epidemic in his timely recent novel, Remembrance Man. Kinsey is a British-Canadian writer, director and screenwriter who lives in Quebec City. He came here to do a master’s degree at the Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS) years ago and worked for 30 years in film production as a director/cameraman and scriptwriter.

ELAN film series explores history and belonging

6921_waves of change1.JPG
Photo: Screenshot from Waves of Change

To watch the six episodes of Waves of Change, a web series released on YouTube by the English Language Arts Network (ELAN) in collaboration with the Secretariat for Relations with English-speaking Quebecers, back-to-back is to receive a unique overview of the history of Quebec’s English-speaking communities.

Community Calendar of Events

Quebec Art Company QACStage Pass performances of vintage radio plays are uploaded to the QAC YouTube channel on the last Sunday of every month and can be viewed free of charge anytime thereafter. On May 30, the theatre ensemble lifted the lid on The Corpse, in “witch” we learn that burning someone at the stake can have grave consequences. For more information, visit

The Domaine Forget Festival is more alive than ever

Photo: Domaine Forget

Artistic director Paul Fortin and singer and festival spokesperson Marie-Nicole Lemieux have announced the program for the 43rd Festival International du Domaine Forget de Charlevoix.

Opéra de Québec presents The Barber of Seville online

6221_opera de quebec.jpg
Photo: Louisie Leblanc

The Opéra de Québec presented an online performance of The Barber of Seville in concert format on May 29 via their website and YouTube. The beauty of this comic opera can be seen again and again, free of charge, at

The Case of the Murderous Dr. Cream


52621_book review.png
Photo: Dean Jobb

It’s not very often one is asked to write a review of a book of narrative nonfiction about an international serial killer who used to teach Sunday school and sing in the choir at a church in Quebec City!

The story of a storyteller at the Morrin Centre

Photo: Screenshot by Danielle Burns

The woman behind Saturday morning storytimes at the Morrin Centre since September 2020 has a story of her own to tell. If Caroline Prévost-Levac’s life were classified under the Dewey Decimal System, it might be placed in the adventure or travel section, with a few Bill Bryson-esque humorous facts thrown in.

Opera de Québec presents 'The Barber of Seville' in concert

51221_barber people.jpg
Photo: Louise Leblanc, courtesy of the Opéra de Québec

To celebrate the arrival of spring with lightness and humour, the Opéra de Québec presents Gioachino Rossini’s The Barber of Seville in a concert version that will delight lovers of lyrical art.

'Imagine Picasso' to spend the summer in Quebec City

42821_imagine picasso1.jpg
Photo: Wikimedia Commons - Public Domain

This summer, the Quebec City Convention Centre will be hosting the North American première of Imagine Picasso, a huge immersive exhibit created by Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron in collaboration with architect Rudy Ricciotti and art historian Androula Michael.

Community Calendar of Events

• The Quebec Art Company held an online reading of The Visitor on March 28. Monthly QACStage Pass performances of vintage radio plays are uploaded to the QAC YouTube channel on the last Sunday of every month and can be viewed free of charge anytime thereafter. For more information, visit

Up and coming entertainment

• The Quebec Art Company held an online reading of The Visitor on March 28. Monthly QACStage Pass performances of vintage radio plays are uploaded to the QAC YouTube channel on the last Sunday of every month and can be viewed free of charge anytime thereafter.

'Le Sang du pélican' at Cinéma Le Clap


Photo: Les Distributions Netima and Productions Dionysos

The QCT does not normally review French-language films, but Le Sang du pélican is an outstanding exception. It will be playing at Cinéma Le Clap in Ste-Foy as of March 26.

Up and coming entertainment


Les Petits Chanteurs de Beauport sing at COVID memorial

31721_commemoration screen.png
Photo: Louise Marie Pelletier

On March 11, during the COVID-19 commemoration ceremony in front of the National Assembly, the beautiful, clear voices of Les Petits Chanteurs de Beauport were heard via a YouTube recording as they sang “À la claire fontaine” which ends with the heart-wrenching refrain, “Il y a longtemps que je t’aime, jamais je ne t’oublierai.” (I’ve loved you for so long, I will n

Up and coming entertainment

Photo: Harald Hoffmann

• The Shannon Irish Show 50th-anniversary edition, recorded in 2016, was streamed live on March 13 on the Facebook pages of Voice of English-speaking Québec, the Quebec Anglophone Heritage Network and A Different Tune: Musical Heritage in English-Speaking Quebec. It and the following two shows will be archived on the A Different Tune YouTube channel as well as on Facebook.

Tempêtes et Passions returns to the stage

31721_tempest logo.jpg

Guy Lessard, the president of Tempêtes et Passions, announced the return of the troupe’s seasonal activities on March 11. Two concerts scheduled during the 2020-2021 season have been put back on the program and will be offered online and, if public health regulations permit, also in person.

Up and coming entertainment

• The Trio celtique presents The Craic Sessions, a series of online performances, from March 12 to 14. For details, see the article below.

Trio celtique presents The Craic Sessions for St. Patrick’s Day

31021_trio celtique.png
Photo: the Trio celtique

Zita Bombardier-Touret and Vanessa Bergeron, whom some readers may remember as “the two Marys” in the Quebec Art Company’s 2018 production of Jesus Christ Superstar, along with guitarist Antoine Bensoussan, together known as the Trio celtique, have recorded The Craic Sessions, a special show for St. Patrick’s Day. It will be broadcast online over three days, March 12, 13 and 14.

St. Patrick’s Day trivia

St. Patrick’s Day is one of those special days that, while celebrated across the country, doesn’t quite warrant public holiday status in Canada – except in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Shannon and Valcartier St. Patrick’s Day festivities go virtual

3321_SV dancers.jpg
Photo: Allison Kirkwood

This time last year, the town of Shannon was buzzing. Parents were sewing sequins onto dance dresses and rehearsal rooms were vibrating with the distinctive sound of hard shoes. The curtain was just about to rise on the 54th edition of the Shannon Irish Show.

Sylvia Melanson launches her first book

Photo: supplied by Sylvia Melanson

Local author Sylvia Melanson had her first children’s book, Square-Eyed Raccoon: Home Sweet Home!, published in December 2020.

Ludovica Miniland: creating worlds one block at a time

Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

What do you do if you have a passion for construction and architecture, a creative imagination and a pile of plastic interlocking bricks? Gilles Maheux and his son Steven have turned their passion into a career and created Ludovica Miniland, now located in the Laurier Québec shopping centre.

Portneuf’s Irish “tambourines” have centuries-old resonance

Photo: Louise Ste-Marie

Gaétan Morissette comes from a long line of musicians, and plays several instruments, including the harmonica, the fiddle and the accordion.

The MCQ reopens with the magic of 'Special Effects!'

Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

Who hasn’t wondered how Keanu Reeves dodged bullets in The Matrix, or how Andy Serkis transformed into Gollum in The Lord of the Rings? How long have special effects been a part of cinematography?

QAC brings back old-time radio dramas with a modern twist

22421_QAC radio.jpg

Quebec Art Company (QAC), Quebec City’s foremost and longest-running English-language community theatre group, has taken a page from the glory days of radio to provide a unique form of entertainment during COVID-19 confinement.

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