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Join the Clarkes to Celebrate

Join the Clarkes to Celebrate America's Birthday and the 400th
Festivities begin Saturday the 5th at 12:30 and include:

Congress hopes to reignite religious flame in Quebec

New music attracts youth to church

Photo: Scott French

The International Eucharistic Congress saw tens of thousands of Catholics from around the world descend upon Quebec City this past week. Despite dwindling church attendance in Quebec, many who attended the Congress remain upbeat about the future of Catholicism in the province.

Congress hopes


Photo: Scott French 

“We are very pained for them,” Reverend Father Robin Marshal D’Silva (not pictured) of the Mumbai archdiocese said. The reverend father was commenting on Catholic church attendance in Quebec.

Who founded Canada? Quebecers can’t agree

The significance of Quebec’s 400th anniversary has quickly become a contentious issue amongst Quebec and Canada’s politicians over the past two months.

July 1 promises three times the fun

Canada’s 141st birthday bash is promising to be the biggest thus far. Festivities will be spread over two days beginning on the eve of Canada’s anniversary on Monday night, June 30, and carrying through to July 1.

City censors satyrized image of Queen

Photo: Ivan Binet

The Queen has unwittingly reared her head at Quebec City’s birthday party. An art piece originally commissioned by the committee of the 400th anniversary has been censored by the exhibition’s sponsors: the Bibby Ste. Croix foundry and the city of Quebec. The piece, a decorative manhole cover by Quebec artist Martin Bureau, depicts the Queen donning caribou antlers instead of her crown.

Debate over founding nations

The significance of Quebec’s 400th anniversary has quickly become a contentious issue amongst Quebec and Canada’s politicians over the past two months.

Michèle leaves her desk

I wish I didn’t have to write this. More precisely I wish I didn’t have to write this just yet. Could easily have waited another year, give or take five or so.

But Michèle Thibeau is leaving her desk at the Chronicle and I want to wish her well.

Farewell to a great colleague and a dear friend

For almost four years I have been working with Michèle at the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph. I am very sad to see her go and at the same time very happy for her.

Michèle has been an inspiration to me not only at work, but also as a dear friend.

Good fences don’t always make good neighbours

The American poet Robert Frost once wrote “good fences make good neighbours.” For the majority of us, this may be true. However, on the eve of our national moving day, when many of us are about to inherit new neighbours, the story may be very different.

Memorials and Things of Fame


The Quebec Gazette, Thursday June 18
ADVERTISEMENTS. QUEBEC, the 12th June, 1772

Wet weather, great gardens

Garden - comment.jpg
Photo: Bill Cox

All this humidity has a positive effect on the vegetation if not on the disposition of humans. The weather is a very popular subject these days with complaints of incessant cool and wet days. Pretty soon I fear these will change to complaints about the dry spells and heat waves.

Morrin Centre presents literary history of women in QC

EQLC grads continue on “path of gettting ahead”

General Education

On June 11, 2008, students and staff of EQLC celebrated the efforts of the students in General Education.

St. Pat’s senior class

Now that summer is finally here, St. Patrick’s High School staff and students are eagerly preparing for graduation. This year, graduation ceremonies will take place on Wednesday, June 25, at the Grand Théâtre de Québec, in the Salle Octave Crémazie.

St. Lawrence graduation


Photo: coutesy of SLC

SLC grad Robert Puckrin is given the Board of Governors Merit Award by English teacher Robert McBryde (left) and Director of Studies Stephen Tribble.

Champlain – St. Lawrence graduation ceremony


Photo: coutesy of SLC 

SLC grad Joel Lightbound receives the Cardinal Roy Trophy for the student that best combines leadership and academic excellence. Pictured with Dean of Students Dominique Routhier.

Quebec High School celebrates 2008 grads

QHS - Grad class.jpg
Photo: Patrice Audet

On June 6, 79 graduates from Quebec High School marched into the school’s Webster Auditorium under the gaze of their proud parents, friends and teachers for an evening of graduation ceremonies. The onlookers, alive with excitement, welcomed the graduates who were led by bagpipers of the historic 78th Fraser Highlanders.

DDO grad “prophecies” bring students to tears

The graduating Class of 2008 was in the spotlight at Dollard-des-Ormeaux School recently, on the occasion of the annual graduation exercises held at the school.  

Graduates of Dollard-des-Ormeaux School


Photo:courtesy of DDO School

Graduates of Dollard-des-Ormeaux School


Photo:courtesy of DDO School

QC goes to ten digits

Over one million people will have to learn how to dial a telephone all over again. As of June 21, residents of the 418 area code wishing to make a local call have to dial 4-1-8 before entering any seven-digit telephone number.

Awaiting a music-filled fall

When the 400th celebratory dust settles somewhat in September – after all the activities, festivals and summer vacations – it’s back to school for some, while for others the thought of raking leaves and winterizing pools will already be a harsh reality ... Gasp!  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves! There will still be some great concerts to look forward to!

Aline Visser honoured with the Moe Rosenhek Award

Moe Rosenhek.jpg

Aline Visser was presented with the Citadel Foundation’s Moe Rosenhek Volunteer Award this year by Rosenhek’s widow, Regina, at the foundation’s annual dinner in May. The award recognizes the exemplary volunteer work of an individual in Quebec City’s English community.

(Continued)...Baseball's return to Quebec: An interview with J-F Côté

(Continued from the story that appeared in the June 18 print edition)


QCT: How did you learn to manage a club and all its operations?

Heads Up! International Airshow 2008 [videos]


Photo by: Jay Ouelett

Defying both gravity and death, this manoeuvre by Great Britain’s Red Arrows gets a huge reaction from the crowd. About 160,000 spectators travelled out to Jean Lesage International Airport to get their fill of loop-the-loops, smoke shows, speed and power, despite the weekend’s disappointing weather.



Ottawa pulls money out of regional economic development agencies

A battle has been raging between Ottawa and Quebec City for the past week with no white flags in sight. Federal Economic Development Minister for the Quebec Regions (DEC) Jean-Pierre Blackburn is intent on cutting $20 to $30 million normally delegated annually to non-profit regional economic development organizations.

QHS Art Students raise money for sick children

Photo: Andrea Bravo

Secondary IV and V Visual Art students at QHS used their creativity and imagination to raise more than $300 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, an organization that helps make sick children’s dreams come true.

“Art from the Heart,” as QHS Art Teacher Meg McDonald called the project, consisted of creating art in a selfless gesture.

AGM tells of shakeup afoot at VEQ

The Voice of English-speaking Québec’s 26th annual AGM, held last Thursday, remembered a year marked both by change and significant success. About 50 people gathered in the Soleil room of the Jeffery Hale Hospital to hear the organization’s annual report.

St. Jean Baptiste to be bigger and better

Quebec’s national St. Jean Baptiste festivities, like all things associated with the 400th anniversary celebration, are expected to be bigger and better this coming June 23 and 24.

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