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COVID-19 measures ground usual snowbird migration

Photo: Cartoon by Patrick LaMontagne

It is one of the mysteries of nature why some birds migrate and others don’t. In some cases, the answer is obvious. Hard to imagine a skinny blue heron surviving in the ice and snow; same for the hyperactive hummingbird. But why do sparrows and cardinals stay put while robins and juncos high-tail it south each fall?


111820_memorials walls.png
Photo: Screenshot from Google Maps

November 20, 1820 – The Quebec Gazette

STREET VIEWS: The story behind Rue Jeanne-Sauvé

Photo: Canadian Stamp News

This street is named in honour of Jeanne (née Benoit) Sauvé (1922-1993), who was the 23rd Governor General of Canada from 1984 to 1990. Born in Saskatchewan, she studied at the University of Ottawa and worked for the federal government as a translator in order to pay her tuition.

Quebecers mourn the death of Max Gros-Louis

Photo: Marc Lautenbacher from Wikimedia Commons - Public Domain

It is with sadness that the QCT learned of the passing of Max Gros-Louis, grand chief of the Huron-Wendat First Nation for 33 years, on Nov. 14, at age 89.

Memories of Max Gros-Louis

111820_max marie.jpg
Photo: Michael Bilodeau from QCT archives

Max Oné Onti Gros-Louis was a remarkable trailblazer for his Huron-Wendat nation, leading them to reconnect with, stand up for and honour their ancestral culture. In so doing, he became a legend in his own time.

Drive-in Toy Parade at ExpoCité delights families

111820_toy santa.jpg
Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

Six weeks before Christmas, Santa Claus made an appearance at ExpoCité. On Nov. 14, over 4,000 vehicles entered the site, each filled with excited children. The new concept of this 19th edition was declared highly successful.

Métis-sur-Mer unveils Remembrance monument

111820_metis students.jpg
Photo: Heritage Lower St. Lawrence

In a normal year, the Métis-sur-Mer Remembrance Day ceremony attracts 250 people – veterans, students, and others – from around the region. This year, COVID-19 restrictions limited attendance to 25.

The Forillon expulsions, 50 years later


111820_gaspe peter church.jpg
Photo: Ruby Pratka

Turning off Route 132 outside the town of Cap-aux-Os, paying a day pass fee at the toll booth and slipping into Forillon National Park via a footpath, hikers could be forgiven for thinking they’ve entered a primeval forest. The noise of passing cars is replaced by the wind in the branches of the towering trees and the occasional chattering of birds or bantering of people setting up tents.

‘Promising’ Medicago COVID-19 vaccine moves to Phase 2/3 trials

Photo: Medicago website

The quest for a coronavirus vaccine has moved from “if” to “when,” with a Quebec City-based company announcing “very promising results” in Phase 1 clinical trials.

Lawyer wants probe of mayor’s inaction on Maison Pollack

111820_maison pollack1.jpg
Photo: Peter Black

Mayor Régis Labeaume could face legal action over the city’s delay in expropriating the historic Maison Pollack on Grande Allée.

Local lawyer and former municipal politician François Marchand filed a request last week with the Commission municipale du Québec to investigate the lack of action by the mayor.

Letter to Minister of Education Jean-François Roberge: Elections in red zones ‘absurd’

Dear Minister Roberge,

It was with stupefaction that we received your letter of Nov. 13, announcing the resumption of school elections with voting on Dec. 19 and 20.

QCGN also opposes holding school board elections in red zones

The Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) shares the disbelief of parents and school board officials who recently learned that English school board elections will be held on Dec. 19 and 20, despite the sustained surge in COVID-19 cases.

Quebec City would be a perfect fit for CPL, CFL, and women’s hockey


111820_quebec city sports.jpg
Photo: Francis Vachon

The COVID-19 pandemic that has touched people around the world will certainly have effects on global sports franchises.

Hockey fans in Quebec City are still hoping for the return of a National Hockey League team to the Videotron Centre. I believe there may be a 2.0 version of the Quebec Nordiques, but “when” is the million-dollar question.

Remparts face QMJHL teams in the Videotron Centre ‘bubble’

111820_sports remparts.jpg
Photo: Jonathan Roy, Quebec Remparts

After a hiatus of almost six weeks, the Quebec Remparts are back on the ice against six other teams of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL), in a compressed schedule that will see each team play six games.

The league’s protected environment or “bubble” schedule started on Nov. 17 and will end on Nov. 27.

One little pill bottle can make a big difference in reducing plastic waste


111820_pill bottles.JPG
Photo: Lise Lafond

Every year, Canadian pharmacies fill 744 million prescriptions. Of that number, 311 million are for people living in Quebec.

Most of these prescription drugs are dispensed in packaging that is not eco-friendly, which results in more than 6,000 tons of plastic and cardboard waste being thrown away.

Canadians hope for co-ordinated action against COVID-19

Huge numbers of Canadians watched the recent – and, depending on who you ask, ongoing – American presidential election.

Vigils held in memory of Suzanne Clermont and François Duchesne

111120_vigil left.jpg
Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

Two vigils were held over the past week to honour the lives of Suzanne Clermont and François Duchesne, who were killed during the stabbing attacks in Old Quebec on Oct. 31.

‘We will remember them’ at the Cross of Sacrifice

111120_we will remember.jpeg
Photo: Shirley Nadeau from QCT archives

At the entrance to the Plains of Abraham, near Porte Saint-Louis, stands the Cross of Sacrifice, where Remembrance Day ceremonies are held each year on Nov. 11.

Inaugurated on July 1, 1924, this monument recalls the sacrifice of members of the Canadian Armed Forces who died during the First World War.

Following U.S. mail-in mania, can Quebec deliver posted ballots?

The origin of the expression “to mail it in” is obscure, but everyone knows what it means. Whether it comes from a lazy linebacker, a slacker of an actor or an unmotivated student, a “mailed-in” performance lacks passion, urgency and commitment, and falls far short of expectations.

Lest we forget . . . ‘In Flanders Fields’

111120_lest we forget book.jpg
Photo: Wikimedia Commons - Public Domain

John McCrae’s poem “In Flanders Fields” was written during a particularly dark period of the First World War.

On May 3, 1915, he had just buried a dear friend and fellow soldier who had been killed in the Second Battle of Ypres. The poem was first published in December of that year.


111120_memorials poppies.jpg
Photo: Benoit Aubry via Wikimedia Commons - Public Domain

November 9, 1820 – The Quebec Gazette
The Boundary Line
In the course of this week … those who have been employed in drawing the boundary line [with the United States] … have concluded their operations for the season on Lake Superior. On their way down the Lake, they were overtaken by a heavy gale of wind, which obliged them to cut away their masts.

The story behind Boulevard Jean-Lesage


111120_street statue.jpg
Photo: Wikimedia Commons - Public Domain

This wide boulevard is named in honour of Jean Lesage (1912-1980). Born in Montreal, Lesage was a lawyer who served as the 19th premier of Quebec from 1960 to 1966.

New QCGN president Jennings reaches out to regional anglos

111120_QCGN new.png
Photo: QCGN

The newly elected president of the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) says she wants to rebuild ties with regional anglophone associations that bolted from the organization last year.

Marlene Jennings, 69, beat incumbent president Geoffrey Chambers in a vote of representatives from member organizations gathered in an online annual general meeting on Nov. 5.

Knitting together a cozy winter in Quebec City

111120_knitting together.jpeg
Photo: Shirley Nadeau from QCT archives

The Ville de Québec has whipped up a program of comforting free activities to help residents welcome winter with a smile. From now through March, people will have many opportunities to enjoy the joys of winter outdoors with their families or in the comfort of their homes.

Eileen Reid Marcil launches 'The PS Royal William of Quebec'

111120_eileen book.jpg
Photo: Baraka Books

Maritime historian Eileen Reid Marcil has just had another book published. This is quite an outstanding achievement, considering the fact that Marcil is 98 years old.

The Parade des Jouets transforms into the ‘Storm of the Century’

111120_parade logo.png

The organizers of the annual Parade des Jouets (Toy Parade), which normally features Santa Claus and his elves and other characters winding their way through the Saint-Roch and Limoilou districts of Quebec City, have had to rethink their plans due to the current public health restrictions on large gatherings.

German Christmas Gardens bring holiday magic to Old Quebec

111120_German market.jpeg
Photo: Cassandra Kerwin from QCT archives

With the deepest desire to spread joy and light in the heart of Old Quebec during the holiday season, the team behind the Marché de Noël allemand de Québec (Quebec German Christmas Market) announced the transformation of the gardens of City Hall into the Quebec German Christmas Gardens, which will open on Nov. 21 and be accessible through Jan. 3.

The Battle of the St. Lawrence through children’s eyes


111120_gaspe house.jpg
Photo: Heritage Lower St. Lawrence

Even more than 70 years later, Ian Bovey and John Cowans remember how close the Second World War came to their front doors.

The prickly porcupine deserves more respect


Photo: Lise Lafond

Porcupines are nocturnal and are rarely seen in the daytime, so most people have not seen one while out for a walk in the woods. An overly curious dog, however, may have encountered one and come home with a face full of quills.

Is it time for trick-or-treat or Christmas?

Photos by Shirley Nadeau


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