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Virtual motorsports aid in the race to cure COVID-19


As people of the world find creative ways to stay connected while doing their part to combat COVID-19, veteran race car driver Bertrand Godin will use his talent to fight the virus in a unique way. Godin will be behind the wheel of car No. 77, sporting the colours of Groupe à l’infini.

Take a trip around the world by Postcrossing

Photo: Lise Lafond

Trip cancelled due to COVID-19? Here is another way to travel the world in the safety of your own home – Postcrossing.

Rainbows continue to encourage us in Quebec City

Photos by Shirley Nadeau


“Ça va bien aller !”


Jeffery Hale Hospital coping with major COVID-19 outbreak

4820_jeffery hale death.jpeg
Photo: Screenshot from Google maps

The Jeffery Hale Hospital earned the unfortunate distinction last week of recording the first death related to a COVID-19 outbreak in a health-care institution in the Quebec City region.

Coronavirus can be beaten: Fighting another stubborn Big C

Cancer can be beaten.”

That’s the headline from an article in the April 15, 1948, edition of Maclean’s magazine. The lengthy story, by noted author and naturalist C. Fred Dodsworth, begins with the description of 2,000 purebred mice being transported 3,000 feet down a mine in Northern Ontario to “Canada’s first underground laboratory for cancer research.”

The times they are a-changin’

4820_commentary shopper.jpg
Photo: Danielle Burns

We are going into our second month since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Coronavirus pandemic on March 11. Since then much has changed: schools are closed, most businesses are shut and people are trying to balance childcare and homeschooling with working from home, if they are still lucky enough to have a job.

The Queen addresses the people of the U.K. and Commonwealth

Photo: Screenshot from CTV Newsfeed

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, on April 5, Queen Elizabeth II spoke to her subjects in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries around the world. Here are some excerpts from her address:

St. Lawrence campus “virtually” transformed

4820_st lawrence virtual.jpeg
Photo: Cassandra Kerwin

To “flatten the curve” of the COVID-19 pandemic, Premier François Legault ordered the closing of all educational institutions in Quebec on March 13. Four weeks later, the pandemic continues with no end in sight. Working with the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement Supérieur (MEES), some schools have created online virtual classes.


4820_memorials oscar.jpg
Photo: Wikipedia Commons - Public Domain

April 11, 1870 – The Morning Chronicle
Opinions Of The People
(To the Editor of the Morning Chronicle)

COVID-19 halts St. Pat’s dreams of winning regional titles

4820_st pats boys.JPG
Photo: St. Patrick’s High Fighting Irish

The COVID-19 pandemic has dashed the dreams of two of St. Patrick’s High School’s seven basketball teams. The two had hoped to win a Réseau du Sport Étudiant du Québec (RSEQ) banner for the 2019-2020 season, in the Québec–Chaudière-Appalaches conference.

Remparts, QMJHL and CHL fall victim to COVID-19

4820_remparts president.jpg
Photo: Quebec Remparts

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have an impact on the world of sports. The Canadian Hockey League (CHL) has announced that, for the first time in its 102-year history, the Memorial Cup won’t be played. And that cancellation has led to the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL) announcing that there won’t be any playoffs this spring.


from Susan Lukits

Dear Editor,

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we are certainly living in strange times. I didn’t realize how strange they were until I had my birthday on March 26 and had to go out grocery shopping. Much to my surprise, I experienced the following:

Question: What is a sign that you are having a birthday during the COVID-19 pandemic?


from Gail Benjamin

Thank you so much for your wonderful newspaper. I’m a small-town Alberta grandmother. My grandchildren and my beloved French family live in Lévis and I am fortunate enough to visit them in Quebec a few times each year.

Ti Boeuf rock band is ready for the spotlight

4820_ti boeuf band.jpg
Photo: Ti Boeuf by Reloopstudio

Instead of lounging around during the COVID-19 lockdown, the members of Ti Boeuf have been making music from home in Saint-Raymond de Portneuf. The rock trio – brothers Derek Lee (guitar) and Landon Ra (bass) Dagenais, and their pal Olivier Cabot (drums) – recorded and produced their first EP, called Anderson I, earlier this year.

Local charities weather COVID storm

The COVID-19 crisis has brought out the generous side of Canadians, particularly Quebecers, according to a recent report by Canada Helps, an online charitable giving platform. However, local nonprofits are worried about how their operations will continue as the pandemic drags on.

Somewhere over the rainbow . . .

Photos by Shirley Nadeau


Two rainbows in this window seem to be surrounding a COVID-19 “bug.” The message with the lower rainbow is bilingual: “It’s going to be okay” and “Ça va bien aller.”

We are with you, Italy!

Photo by Danielle Burns

4120_italy flag.jpg

An Italian flag hangs from a third-floor balcony in Limoilou in solidarity with Italy, the country with the highest number of deaths to date from COVID-19.

Spring is here and our geese are back!

4120_geese are back.JPG
Photo: Lise Lafond

Spring has arrived and with it the return of our pair of Canada geese.

We have had the privilege of welcoming these beautiful birds back to our property for many years. This week they arrived with five friends, who rested a while and then flew away. But our geese stayed.

Quebec City’s Medicago in race for COVID-19 vaccine

4120_medicago man.png
Photo: Medicago

A Quebec City company is a serious contender in the race to develop a vaccine to combat COVID-19. Medicago, a biopharmaceutical company founded in 1999, has already produced a virus-like particle (VLP) that mimics the new coronavirus now wreaking havoc in the world.

What a relief! “Five-cent pieces” aplenty to ease corona crisis

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 11.06.41 AM.png

Historians, generally a disputatious bunch – although they would dispute that – probably agree on one thing.

Visit the museum of your choice anywhere in the world

We are now almost three weeks into Premier François Legault’s directive to close schools and public areas and to practise social distancing. People have been asked to stay home in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The story behind Rue Gigault


4120_street man.png
Photo: Library and Archives Canada

This street is named in honour of Georges- Auguste Gigault (1845-1915) who was a notary, public servant and political figure in Quebec.

Born in Saint-Mathias de Rouville, the son of Pierre Gigault and Marguerite Wait, he was educated at the Séminaire de Saint-Hyacinthe. Gigault went on to study law in Montreal and was licensed as a notary in 1867. In 1870, he married Isabella Dillon.


4120_memorials matthews.JPG
Photo: Photo from QCT archives

March 30, 1820 – The Quebec Gazette

SLC Lions to join new Division I hockey conference in 2020-21

4120_SLC lions.jpg
Photo: SLC Lions

The CEGEP Champlain–St. Lawrence (SLC) Lions men’s hockey program will move up to a new RSEQ (Réseau du Sport Étudiant du Québec) Division I hockey conference in 2020-21.

In a telephone interview last week, Vincent-Jean Dubé, student affairs counsellor at SLC, confirmed that the Lions will be one of 13 teams in the new division.

Every little box (of masks) helps provincial, national COVID response

The provincial and federal governments are making unprecedented calls on colleges, CEGEPs, vocational training centres and universities to contribute supplies and expertise to the fight against COVID-19.

QHS Blazers basketball teams forced to cancel their seasons

Local high school sports teams fell victim to the COVID-19 virus, and the Blazers from Quebec High School were not immune.

In a school that has 330 students, the Blazers fielded seven basketball teams in 2019-20. “This is great, considering the size of QHS,” wrote Danny Weston, the school’s athletic director, in an email interview.

Wait Until Dark fans must … wait

For the first time in its nearly 40-year history, the Quebec Art Company (QAC) has been forced to postpone a show in the works. The reason is the ongoing uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 crisis.

QAC president Cheryl Rimmer says the production of the thriller Wait Until Dark, which had been slated for May, will now be staged at the end of November.

Wellness Centre working to protect your health and safety

4120_coronavirus BW.jpg

On March 12, following instructions from local health authorities, Jeffery Hale Community Partners (JH Partners) suspended all Wellness group activities at all of its sites, including the Jeffery Hale, Saint Brigid’s Home, McGreevy Manor, the Gatehouse and elsewhere.

Volunteer and support community during pandemic

The Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Solidarity, Jean Boulet, is calling on all Quebecers to lend a hand to community organizations in their area, in order to help support vulnerable community members during this pandemic.

Day 10 - Social Distancing


4120_letter balloons.jpeg

So I still can’t totally control the iPad but my skills have improved A LOT over 10 days of social distancing. Yes, I went out and bought the toilet paper and the Kleenex, but today [March 23] I felt resentful about being a victim. I’ve had it and it’s time to strike back. How? With balloons!

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