Christmas lights up early this year


Wasn’t it nice to see the first Christmas lights of 2007?

You bet. Especially with a light snow falling and a thin layer of it covering all the branches.

I walked down Grande Allée last night. Absolute fairyland. The restaurants were starting to get their holiday lights up and that really contributes to the atmosphere.

True, but they could have waited a little longer – Say like a month.

How do you mean?

Look in your diary. There - What date do you see?

November 24; yeah, I guess that says it all.

Strange, isn’t it, how somehow, all it takes is for someone, anywhere inside the city, to light one Christmas light any time after Halloween, and everybody has else to get into the act.

As evidence, just after I’d written this column, I closed my bedroom window prior to retiring.

And just before closing it, what did I see? One of those Christmas trees in my across-the-street neighbour’s window.

The date on our bedroom calendar? November 25, 2007.