Buses a boon

The shuttle service created by Industrial Alliance Insurance Company with the co-operation of the Capital Transportation Network and the National Capitol Commission provides links to the main activity sites for the 400th anniversary celebrations.

A toonie buys adults passage for the day to any one of the stops along the route from the Aquarium in Ste. Foy to the Bay of Beaupré in Beauport.

With the increase in the cost of gas and the cost of parking, if you can find one, this service is a boon for the public.

On our first trip using this service we decided to go the whole length of the route to see where we could go on future trips. We had our two grandsons ages 6 and 7 with us. The cost was only a loonie for the boys.

We all enjoyed the ride with the beautiful views along the St. Lawrence River and driving through old Quebec.

At our destination we were surprised to see the brand new installations at the Bay of Beaupré with sandy beaches, water park and other attractions. The kids had a ball.

Thank you Industrial Alliance for your generous contribution in making this service available.