SLC launches P. W. Sims Business Program

Mar 12 P W Sims business program sims.jpg
Photo: Dominique Routhier

Cegep Chaplain-St. Lawrence campus director Jean Robert, business teacher Leo Légaré, business students Angélic Vendette, Kenny James Bergeron, Joanne Coleman and Citadel Foundation president Gail Quinn helped launch the P. W. Sims Business Program at the college. The portrait of Sims was done by Francesco Iacurto. 

From the first floor of the former Price building, Cegep Champlain-St. Lawrence director Jean Robert officially launched the P. W. Sims Business Program last Monday.

“This was the first skyscraper in Quebec City, in the 1930s,” said Robert. ”You’re in the [former] bank; there’s the vault. This building cost $1 million in 1929.”