North America’s Oldest Newspaper goes social online at

QUEBEC CITY — North America’s oldest newspaper, the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph, has begun a new chapter in its 243-year-long history.

In celebration of the 400th anniversary of Quebec City in 2008, the Chronicle-Telegraph is launching a new website initiative at This website represents a totally new approach to news distribution.

“We are the first local news organization to forge a digital vision of the local news business from the capital of French Canada for our minority population,” said Pierre Little, Publisher of the Chronicle-Telegraph.

“We serve a small and dispersed English-speaking community in the heart of Quebec City. We will now be using new tools to engage readers from across the province and around the world in a very different way from traditional newspaper publishers,” he said, adding, “We believe an immense opportunity is emerging to build and create a local community news platform in the digitally wired world.”

“What we have created is a interactive community centre where all interested people can be involved — from citizens to businesses and organizations,” said Little. People can contribute news, photos, events to the website and their opinions within their own blogs. Businesses and community organizations can actively advertise in real time to the electronic community, all as part of their subscription fee.

Pierre Little said, “We are excited to announce that some reader-contributed content will be featured in our weekly publication. We invite all our loyal newspaper readers to get involved online. We are not limited to text-based news, as we will have the ability to accept YouTube videos and audio podcasts from users.”

The Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph, North America’s Oldest Newspaper, serves 2100 subscribers in the Quebec City area every week. It has been printing news in English in our city since 1764. The newspapers that preceded the Chronicle-Telegraph were The Quebec Gazette (1764-1873), the Morning Chronicle (1847-1925) and the Quebec Daily Telegraph (1875-1925). The Chronicle-Telegraph was born on July 2, 1925 of the union of the last two. It was published as a daily from that date until November 3, 1971 when it became the weekly we know today. Its offices are located at 1248 chemin Sainte-Foy, suite 101, Quebec, QC, G1S2M5 (418) 650-1764 fax (418) 650-5172

For more information, contact Chronicle-Telegraph Publisher Pierre Little at 650-1764 or at [email protected].